Friday, May 04, 2012

Concatenate Fray Concave

Today I am feeling that hard battle, and am being stepped around like this rooster from Key West.

But I'll get over it, he won't.

Humor is an almost physiological response to fear.  Kurt Vonnegut, A Man Without a Country

We went to the Society of the Four Arts the other day to see the William Koch collection of western expansion and I was blown away.  It is a huge (four jam-packed rooms of all sorts of things collected from the old west, from photos and original documents to Indian beaded dresses to general store type merchandise.  There was even a velvet-sectioned off area that was the brothel section.  All I could think is how much my Colorado-born dad would have loved it all. (He would only watch westerns while we were growing up and was a big Tom Mix fan!)  There was even an authentic Wells, Fargo mail wagon with velvet interior compartments for passengers-  looked about as comfortable as sitting on a velvet covered backless board!  There was also the only known photograph of Billy-the-Kid and I found out that his mother had the same name as my great great grandfather who I have hit a dead end trying to trace.  Maybe...  I'll have to get on this because it would answer some long unanswered questions.  Very interesting.  Rumor has it that Mr Koch is recreating a western town where all of his stuff will be exhibited for scholarly study and for use by his family, not open to the public, so this may have been my only chance to see it.  It's now on a second extension but will be leaving after this.

You learn about life by the accidents you have, over and over again, and your father is always in your head when that stuff happens.  Kurt Vonnegut, Sirens of Titan
And 'sew' I am off to the studio with my trusty fur-pals.  Hope that not too many UPS trucks come by that they try to protect me from!   Maybe some pictures tomorrow.

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