Saturday, May 05, 2012

Voluntarism Lake Voluntary

Yea, Georgia!

Guadalajara-based architects Hernandez Silva Arquitectos recently designed the interior of a new penthouse situated on top of a 1970s Mexican colonial building in Guadalajara, México. A notable feature of the home is a powder room situated atop an unused 15-story elevator shaft.
What would it take for you to actually walk in and USE this bathroom?  I absolutely couldn't do it.
Aerial is a new site-specific installation by Baptiste Debombourg (previously) at an old Benedictine monastery called Brauweiler Abbey near Cologne, Germany. Debombourg used numerous sheets of shattered laminate glass to mimic a frothy flood of water rushing into a room. Remarkably beautiful work

I read that this installation used 2 tons of glass!
Your unexpressed emotions are being stretched like a rubber band today, and the tension makes you feel extremely uncomfortable. Unfortunately, there are no quick and easy answers to the complex situation that has developed in your personal life with the Scorpio Full Moon lighting up your 4th House of Foundations. If current circumstances are creating stress, rest assured that things are about to change for the better. The upcoming shift will be easier on everyone if you schedule enough time for home and family.
Horrors.  Good thing that incredible moon is out there tonight-  makes me realize how unimportant the rest of all this is.  Hope you caught it coming up, but even late night it is spectacular.  I've been sick again all weekend and am tired of the whole act.  I'm going to stop the new meds and go back to the old standbys where I felt just fine.  The injections don't bother me at all, but the side effects are simply awful.  OUT!  And now I will feel better tomorrow and be able to get to the studio to unfold my new black drop cloths and get to work.  Oops, my new B____ D___C_____ were a secret, weren't they?  Sorry.  Now I guess I'll keep you up with what is happening to them.  A little PROCESS for a change.

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