Friday, May 25, 2012

Excuse Groan Mean

Lifted directly this morning from the Robert Genn Painters Keys newsletter- make sure and substitute 'textile art' for the word 'painting':

 Intellectuals and others have enthused about modern forms of art that seem more significant in today's problem-loaded world. These pundits are the ones most frequently announcing the death of painting. The forms of art they espouse have the advantage of not being so arduous to teach and have more shock, social, and entertainment value than old-fashioned representational forms. People will line up around the block to be shocked, socialized or entertained, whereas traditional forms tend to attract a quieter crowd. While the public entertainment artist serves a valuable purpose, the private traditional painter continues to labour in her modest studio or mountain pass. 
Looks like 'we' attract the quieter crowd, odd considering we are all so noisy.

Winslow Homer said it well: "Look at nature, work independently, and solve your own problems."
I have been hankering to do a book about hands-  this will be the cover.  Or maybe not.  I mostly just like orange.  I have a folder full of hand images now and it's either fish or cut bait and dump them all.
stay tuned. 

(Don't you think hands will be a nicer obsession than squirrels?)

So. the other day while trolling the webs out there, I found a movie I may want to see,  'Moonrise Kingdom' so I went looking to see where it would be playing around here since it opens today.  Coildn't find it so I left my email on Fandango to let me know where it will be showing.  And today, just in time to see it on it's first day they send me a list of 4 theaters 'near you'.  For this, YOU need to know I am in south Florida.  The theaters where it's showing are two in New York city, one in Plano Texas, and one in Evanston Illinois.  Guess I should go check JetBlue and erase my plans for the day. WTF?  It's a MOVIE, not something I care about traveling 1500 miles to get to the fresh popcorn!  Sometimes the web, she works.  Sometimes not so much.  

Off to get a new color of hairs (pick two or three here)
(with thanks to MBF's FB post this morning)
and buy a new toaster, no color choice.


Deb said...

Sandy...somewhere in my trove of crap I have a small collection of shrunken hands..I used to trace peoples hands with a Sharpie onto Shrinky Dink film, fill in the palm lines and then bake them down. Little tiny shrunken plastic paws...

Mary Beth said...

Love the Gandhi quote and I confess I thought the same about substituting quilt for painting when Robert Genn's email arrived last night. How many times have we heard that XYZ is a dying art...? Oh well, we endeavor on. I gave up my writing time at lunch to read all about an upcoming exhibition "opportunity" - just the thought made me happy.

PS I told a manager I'd signed up for that James Victore workshop where I was guaranteed to achieve greater heights of badass-dom. It's completely changed my world-outlook. He looked nervous. Thank you.