Thursday, May 24, 2012

Freehand Bless Plough

I think an artist’s responsibility is more complex than people realize.Jodie Foster

Well by now you all know that I have a fascination with twins and squirrels and all things odd.  I also collect bunnies and shoes quotes about art and friends on prozac.  It seems that I am also collecting Tibetan Terriers but I need one more in the pack to officially add that (I don't think I should count my former Tibetans but if I do that I am way beyond the official collation of three).  Of course there is also the ironstone collection.  And the vintage tablecloth collection.  And I guess I could go on but you will think I am in need of hoarder intervention.  Or my own prescription to prozac.

But, to get back to my twins-fascination and my bunny fascination in one swell foop:
couldya just DIE???  Aren't they the sweetest ever?  Lookit their little feets!

And now, Lookit these Bigger (and older!) Feats!

A jolly set of twins, for sure, but at 70, and when off-duty,  it's a bit odd that they still dress alike. eh?

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max said...

Showed the twin videos to a dutch friend, there is one trailer totally in dutch and she was on the floor. Evidently the twins have a book out and are quite the celebrities in Holland.

btw, the orange juice like substance that one of the twins is piling whipped cream on . . . is booze.