Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Framework Franc Franca

And I am hardly working these days,  Yesterday I wound 4 skeins of yarn and shook in my shoes through another torrential downpour that I thought was possibly the End Days.  Storms weathered in a tin roof building are always so much scarier.  And when your tin roof building has a major drain pipe off the roof in the corner, it's REALLY frightening-  sounds like a freight train is coming through.  But I couldn't leave-  the car was just 6' from my door and I couldn't SEE it!

I don’t think there’s any artist of any value who doesn’t doubt what they’re doing. 
 Francis Ford Coppola

Horrors.  Concerns about self-worth and net worth are more intertwined than you might think. Thankfully, you may feel quite optimistic because you're in touch with the power of your emotions today. This is a good time to close a sale or ask for a raise, since your confidence inspires others. If your current actions are supported by your job performance, you are likely to get the money that you want out of the deal.

OK, I'll ask for a raise, but WHO DO I ASK???  Perhaps I get to close a sale instead.  Guess I'll go wait by the imaginary cash register.  Maybe I'll go change the prices on all my old quilts-  make them hang tags before I take them to Goodwill so folks will think they are getting a huge bargain.  But this is a discussion for another day, isn't it

My 'award' arrived from the Yeiser Gallery yesterday, somewhat weird to get a stack of fabrics that I don't use but I'm sure something will come along where they'll be useful.  Ed McMahan didn't show up, it came in a box in the mail, no balloons either, and certainly no Prize Van or 6' check to haul to the bank.  I unfortunately let my imaginations run away with me.

'Eleanor Burns Made a Stripper Out of Me' written on the bag they arrived in.  Somehow it's not something I would carry on JetBlue.  Eleanor is holding scissors that wouldn't make the cut...

And the full selection of batiks added to my collection-  there are 7 1/2 yard pieces, you get 1/4 yard of each.  Or if you chose not to get the fabric (HUH?), then I will decide who does get it in some arbitrary manner only known to me.  

So, here's the deal:  whoever sends me the BEST DRESSED SQUIRREL will share half this bounty.  I will just 'stack and whack' the pile down the middle and mail it off to you IN THE ACCOMPANYING delivery bag above.  So go on that squirrel hunt now and let's see what you come up with.  Please send your entries to my email listed over on the left side and include your address too for mailing.  I'll post the best squirrels here as they come rolling in, and the winner will be notified early next week.  Oh C'mon now-  you know you want to go hunt for squirrels!   Do it!  Make me laugh.

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mary beth said...

LOL the first two I found left me a bit traumatized. As soon as I've recovered I'll go out and look some more Love a good challenge!