Thursday, May 17, 2012

Jawbreakers About Phen

Do you want to know who you are? Don’t ask. Act! Action will delineate and define you.
Thomas Jefferson

Shoot me now.  This is sooooo bad.  I've not liked Bobby since he was a Mouseketeer.  meeska mooska mouseketeer... and that gold fringe-y vest confirms I was right.  Remember him now?

And this is SOOOOO good!

Today in the studio I spent two hours looking for what in hell I did with a small piece that I thought might work as an entry for Material Voices.  Two hours.  Gone.  Lost from my limited hours I have left.  Two houses I could have been making a new thing.  Two hours climbing ladders, poking through stacks, and getting frustrated, only to find that the piece I was looking for was way too big anyway.  Now it's almost time to go fetch the fur kids from daycare at their little 'resort and spa' (don't judge me) a block away.  The idea is that they will be mostly kept awake for this half day, and thus their little selves will happily snooze all afternoon so then I have a WHOLE day of dog-needs being met.  I should have gotten sheep.

So I was sitting and ruminating in the studio and the wee refrigerator started making some odd sounds-  mostly I don't hear it because the AC is noisy and going most of the time but it cycled off for a minute.  So I gave the refrigerator a good whomp and the sound stopped BUT all of a sudden I saw a couple of ants scurrying around.  I have a wooden tray on top of the refrigerator with a tiny coffee maker and a couple of mugs, so the 'whom' dislodged it about an inch and the ants ran back underneath,  So I moved the tray and screamed bloody murder as an entire ant colony went berserk!
like this...
 Amazing-  I truly had NEVER seen an ant anywhere in there, and the tray has been there at least a year with no need to move it.  Grabbed the vacuum and had a mad 20 minutes of catching thousands of ants trying to get away from me carrying their important stuff along with them.  ICK ICK ICK!  So then I washed all the things on top of the little refrigerator, and saved actually pulling it out from the wall for a time when I had a stronger stomach for destroying more ants.  I'm not in much of a hurry to go back real soon.  So I contacted the Calming Manatee and here's what she says:
Bless Her Heart, but then again she doesn't have a clue about ants, does she?

An I just found this-  it reminds me so much of ME trying to get one home into another place dragging it along with me, huffing and puffing.  But I'm not so cute.  I worried the whole time watching this that the can edges might be sharp and he might make his own serving of calimari if he doesn't be careful.

I like mine sautéed quickly with a light dressing and lots of hot peppers.  Or of course deep fried.  However I can get it.  And I like my houses without rust too, hard to find here in the 'sunshine' state.

Finally, one of my readers sent along this card, so I thought I'd pass it on to you to remind you to find me the best squirrel outfit, not necessarily including guns!  Add that to YOUR list too!  I'm waiting...

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