Sunday, May 20, 2012

Frangipani Comptroller Frank

 Good words

Painting is just another way of keeping a diary.  -Pablo Picasso

And a few more good words:
I don't have to think about 40 years from now because I'll be long dead, but at least I'll leave a more intelligent legacy for my great grandkids to remember me by.

Better that than this crocheted pizza rug, eh?

My intent today was to be in the studio, but I keep getting hung up on little projects here-  just stuck a neighbor's whole yield of tomatoes into the oven to dry out and get all sticky and concentrated-  yum!  These are particularly good little guys, small, about 2 1/2" in diameter but full of taste-  so much better than store-bought, AND so far ahead of the country in 'local' produce.  These were the tomatoes left in their garden as they were heading back up north AND as a bonus because I am such a great person and loyal friend, it was enhanced with a package of lamb chops!  Am I lucky or what?  This is after years of walking down the street with the contents of my own refrigerator before we leave town-  finally I get to be there recipient and oh boy, I am gonna enjoy it!  So, while the tomatoes are cooking down, I also threw a couple of ears of corn into the microwave and s soon as they are cool, I'll take them off the cobs and save them for some little corn pancakes tonight.  I have been thinking fritters but I have a good new pancake plan with almond flour that I can eat and I know it's good.  So dinner is in the tubes and ready to go.  Maybe a little wine too.

Yesterday I was talking to Nate on the phone but the reception was awful and at some point we got disconnected so I handed the phone over to TY in case he called back, so I could go get in the shower.  Within a minute TY called me back outside to hand me the smashed iPhone.  Yup, after two years of me carrying it around everywhere with no accidents, he has it for 20 seconds and it hits the stone patio as he chased a bee away from his drink.  Smithereens.  Glass shards.  And I cut my finger.  So off to the Maul I went to get a replacement and of course I've had it seventeen minutes too long so it's out of replacement contracts.  So since TY busted it he promised me a new one and that's what I got.  It comes equipped with my own concierge who does whatever she wants with my requests for service.  This should be interesting.  I'm going to ask her to walk the dogs next.
At least she is polite as she mispronounces my name.

And as soon as I get those little kernels free, I am out of here.

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