Saturday, May 19, 2012

Scillie Satur Daze

And this post is kind of about how normal I am.

First off, Jo, you will have to arm wrestle me for the bunny-in-a-mug!  That is if I actually had him.  If I did I would probably get him stuffed and dressed in an adorable rabbit fur jacket.  So the answer is NO, no substitutions for the precious fabric PRIZE for the clothed taxidermy contest.  Time is getting close when I will close all the entries and the wiener errrr, I mean Winner...  will be announced and Ed McMahon (stuffed and properly dressed) will appear at YOUR door bearing batik in frivolous colors.

Since I just mentioned wieners...
SO not a good idea:  Hot Dog Cupcakes-  yup, cupcake batter baked inside a hog casing.  Full directions, including grilling instructions, are right here if you are so inclined.

 Now here's an idea with feet-  a pre-pixilated towel to protect your private parts when being photographed!  I know so many paparazzi are waiting for me to exit the shower-  think I'll order this.

And it's come to this for me, a Bug Memorial, complete with portraits of the dear departed, the requisite teddy bears and lots of dead flowers.  I need to set up a little memorial to my defunct ant city in the studio-  I should have made portraits as I was sucking up all two million of them into the vacuum!
Lest I forget...

So, for now, I am heading back to the Heron-Cams.  Dad is fishing and being quite successful.  The pressure is on with five new mouths to feed as well as a hungry mom wanting to get out to the pond for herself.  I am still worried about the fifth egg to hatch-  that baby is so much smaller than the other robust four, and is sometimes hard to locate because they are all stepping on him.  I can't imagine he will make it so I sit here for hours with the Cam trained on him and my heavy thoughts flying to the Cornell labs to give him strength.  And maybe an extra fish of his own.  The Fab Four though are doing great and looking more and more like adults.  Must be the no-carb diet, eh?

HORRORS:  The spotlight is following you even if you don't want to be the main attraction today. Thankfully, your ability to finish what you start holds you in good stead with your peers since they rely on your sense of duty and generosity. As long as you don't lose sight of your purpose, you have what it takes to get the job done now. Whether or not others are watching, just do the best you can and your efforts will be appreciated.
Had a good day in the studio, got the new quilt all blocked out, then took it all apart to bring home the old pieces to wash up after their years in storage bins.  Since the background quilt was one I bought in Leadville Colorado years ago (and found out the pattern was 'Contrary Wife' which made me love it all the more) I think that 'Leadville' will be in the name somehow.  It's all made of blue work shirts and light weight chambray, hand pieced and hand quilted BUT in pretty bad shape and not very 'special' to hold on to.  I have NO problem cutting it up.  And I always finish what I start, usually two days before the deadline.  That's what happens when you're raised a Presbyterian.  Nothing is left unfinished.  Sigh.
Creativity is just connecting things. When you ask creative people how they did something, they feel a little guilty because they didn’t really do it, they just saw something. It seemed obvious to them after a while. That’s because they were able to connect experiences they’ve had and synthesize new things.  Steve Jobs
And hey, I am GOOD at connecting experiences too.  Thanks for validating, Steve.

In Other News, I got a notification that they are pre selling 'Artists' Books' on Amazon now and it will be released soon.  Watch for it-  I have two of my books included and can't wait to see my copy!

And so, back to the Herons and paying some bills!

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