Saturday, May 12, 2012

Freak Freakish Freckle

Spent the day fiddling in the studio as a real novelty! I finally got some of my African mud cloth cut (felt like I was cutting my own skin!) into 2 bolster pillow covers and got them put together so I finally accomplished something.  Because the strips were sewn together with a pretty loose hand stitch that was broken in places, I re-sewed on the machine so it would last longer, then had to finish the cut edges because it was so prone to ravel, but the fabric is dense and my strengthening  efforts are invisible. I EVEN put the mess away afterwards.  
Love the graphics in mud-cloth.
 The dogs were asleep all day, no barking, but there was a tremendous thunderstorm that sent them under my table shakin' and quakin' until we had a spot of dry to get out and get home.  I dropped them off and was headed out to pick up a Pink Pouf I had seen for a certain 4 year old's new room but it started raining again and I went to Publix instead knowing I was pretty much out of food.  by the time I got out of there it was blue sky and sunny but I was beat.  I emailed my daughter that I wasn't able to get to the Pouf that afternoon and I must have sounded a BIT harried and hassled because she sent me this:
This, dear readers, is my favorite animal, ever.  I guess I might send an inordinate amount of manatee postcards or something-  maybe just mention them all the time, but she found this site, The Calming Manatee where you can refresh to many new pictures, all with 'calming' sayings.  So today, as soon as the shops open, I am off on a Pink Pouf Hunt.
I did manage to polish my brass also, sort of a 'calming' act of polishing.  I've had this 'silverware' for probably 20 years now and loved it for a few in the beginning until I realized that it needs to be polished with Brasso every time it's used.  It was a mess from just being stored, spots and marks all over it so last night I found some elbow grease and went at it.  They looked fabulous... until this morning and I see that new spots and marks are starting to appear.  Damn, I have to get rid of this stuff, too high-maintainence!  

Small deeds done are better than great deeds planned.  Peter Marshall

Small deed, INdeed!

I heard about this a few months ago and started demanding it at every lunch or dinner where I am with a lot of people whose phones are more important than our meal.  Then this morning I saw it written up on the inter-webs so thought I'd post it.  It works like a charm and I haven't bought many meals lately!  You can make your own rules-  mine are always that if you LOOK at who's calling while it's in the stack, you lose.  After we are finished and the phones get returned, there has never a single call that anyone regretted not answering.  
the game tries to curb cell phone interruptions when dining out with pals. After everyone orders, they place their phones in the center of the table, face down. They may even stack the gadgets, as the name suggests. Even as the phones buzz and ring throughout the meal, no one is allowed to grab his device. If someone is unable to resist his smartphone's siren's song, he's responsible for picking up the check.


Max said...

Let me check with my jeweler friends Heather Wang and Bob Williams about your brass issue. They might know what you could do to stop the spots and marks from coming back.

jane dávila said...

Now I'm really thinking we share a brain or were separated at birth, or something cosmically odd like that. I have that exact same cutlery. It's from Pottery Barn about 15-20 years ago and, ahem, it's bronze, not brass. I love them even though they are a pain in the patootie to clean...