Friday, May 11, 2012

Von Seamy Lamber

no time like the present

I love my subscription to Robert Genn's 'Paiinters Keys'.  Hit hits a couple of nails on their heads every time!  Today he is talking about outsourcing art work:

To be truly successful in our game you need two things: good art--and someone who thinks it's good art, besides your mom. This is where respectable galleries come in. Artists who ship to art dealers are released to the sanctified glow of their own genius and the joyful frustration of their processes. For them, there's no setting up and taking down in church basements or looking for the bubblewrap. Further, unless they feel like having shows, these artists need not stand around talking to Prada-wearing lawyers, dentists and CEOs. Home in the studio in the old spattered smock, trying to improve, is by far the better option.

And, of course, the Horror.  How I wish I could blame it all on somebody else, but alas, I can't think of a soul OTHER THAN MYSELF who stands in my way.  And 'Self' won't be easily displaced.

Your conflict between the desire to get ahead professionally and your attachment to a personal relationship creates a minor dilemma today. You may find yourself in a situation where too many demands are being placed on you, but an emotional response could be inappropriate. Instead of overreacting, keep your feelings to yourself. Maintaining a stable outward appearance now brings peace of mind and puts you on the path to resolution.
And today I have three more Jesus sightings, then I promise that will end for the time being.
 here Kudzu Jesus is hanging from some telephone wires 
Jesus on a tortilla 
And here he is on toasted cheese and I like this one because apparently he likes cheese-  he's smiling.  Maybe he's happy at the idea that all his gay friends might be able to get married and serve cheese at their receptions!  Maybe during his life he was a great party planner and got way over serving all those platters of bread and fishes.  

 The biblical version (looks to be right out of a children's bible, doesn't it?

 A palatable version:  Talapia and Pita, though I prefer my fish cooked

And yup, today's version:  The Loaves and Fishes Food Truck!  (Really!)

And away I go, we'll see what catches my eye next.

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