Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Lagalarm Lager Alb

Survived another weekend, and I have a funny story.  To celebrate our anniversary a few years back TY and I drove down to South Beach for the weekend.  We stayed in a great little boutique hotel and spent day 1 waling around and seeing the sights.  Cocktails at the Delano,  a lovely dinner, and a walk back to the hotel.  We were tired, so went to bed, only to be startled out of bed by a very heavy downbeat coming from a parade of low-riders going down the street.  No way could we get back to sleep with that racket going on-  the kind of noise that makes one's ribs vibrate!  Come to find out it was the Annual Hip Hop and Techno Music Festival.  nice to discover this at 2 AM.  We checked out the next morning and scurried back to quiet Jupiter.
Fast forward a few years.
TY is invited by a pal to come to Miami for the weekend to play golf at some fabulous famous course.  Off they go and I have a night to myself.  Later I get a call from TY announcing that indeed they are there for THIS YEAR'S HIP HOP and TECHNO MUSIC FESTIVAL!  And, get this, it is in conjunction with BLACK BEACH WEEKEND.  Wild times.  Heh heh.  
LGlad I dodged that bullet.
I bought a rug from Ikea when I set up the studio a few years ago-  it's a black and white broken stripe and I love the graphic quality.   Mine is a 9x12 and I put it on the desk area. 

Then I bought another rug for the smaller seating area that's a black and white chevron design-  saw a sale and couldn't resist a great price.  
Also found a smaller version that lives in the bathroom.  You might say I love these stripes, perhaps am overdoing a good thing.
Since then I've been drawn to a black and white pillow that really pops against the old barkcloth floral on the barstools I use to work at the high tables.  This might be next if I could find a wool version-  I hate skinning zebras:

And my 'stuff' is migrating to black and white graphic designs too-  
(hang on-  this IS going somewhere) 
And then I see this article:  'Seeing Black and White Makes People More Judgmental', in Live Science, that makes me re-think my choices because I always try to disguise my judgmental quirks.  This is interesting information for dressing suggestions for someone on trial.  If he's wearing black and white stripes, his chances of acquittal are pretty much done. 
Ya think?
Have I mentioned my black and white dogs in the past two or three posts?  Nope, it's time for a few more pictures-  I'll try for them lying on the striped rugs today!  Graphically very cool.  No one will ever accuse me of not being colorless coordinated.  
This handsome little guy may be next in line-  LOVE Bull Terriers

And maybe now we'll segue to something a little more textile-y for a bit:

Jens Hesse is influenced by digital distorted satellite images, so does his oil paintings on corduroy!  

Doilies, ya think?  Well not quite.  A few months ago Helen Avagyan, an Armenian woman recently retired in Berlin, was sitting at her house, chewing gum, when she decided she could make something beautiful with the chewed pieces. She started rolling them into thin lines and then dipping them in cold water to freeze them and so they wouldn’t stick to her hands.  “It takes me a lot of time to make the pieces because I have to chew all that gum first,” she says. It can take her a few hours to one whole day to finish just one piece.

And here is a guy who makes his living 'sculpting' out of cotton candy.  It's got a good beat and you can dance to it.  Watch him pull those 'fibers' to unimaginable lengths!  Sorta fiber related, eh?

Business sure screwed up the art world universally.  Robert Rauschenberg

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