Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lagging Alba Seacoast


Cleaning my desk today and getting rid of all these images I've been saving.

And that, my fur-bearing friends, is the end of the squirrels for now.  Only have one squirrel left, and it's the rework embroidery which I've used time and time again.

Here are the ants, except the ones I found had wings, escaping from under my tray where they had taken up permanent residency status.  Gonna get rid of the pictures now that the ants are out.

And out with my stupid bills, I'm stupid enough without them any more, no longer dependent on them to maintain said level of stupidity.  And I don't care what anybody says, I am flushing them so I can spread the stupidity into the aquifers.  Sue me.

Christmas is far away, but perhaps TY will see this and get a hint for my upcoming birthday.  I need a new toaster before I burn the house down with the current one.  Before I start to cry.  Indeed.

I have a bunch of entries here to be handled-  I apparently spend my time entering things rather than doing the work to make new art.  Here is a classic rejection letter  like I will soon be piling up-

ONE MORE THING-  tonight on CBS is the first 'Dogs in the City' show.  My daughter is making us allw atch it because Justin, the east-coast Cesar, is an old friend of hers.  I do love shows where the people are neurotic about their dogs and need help 'training'...   And with that, I am off to the dentist, a wonderful way, along with my cleaned-up desk, to start my day.    Don't forget to watch tonight!

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