Thursday, May 31, 2012

Lagoon Albacore Seafare

Umm, Sorry about yesterday-  I was in a big rush to get out the door to the dentist but of course that means procrastination so I found it ABSOLUTELY necessary to lead a blog post even thought I had not a whit to say.  Unlike today.

In this fascinating short video titled Chemin Vert, Rome-based artist Giacomo Miceli takes you on an amazing road trip through a warped version of Earth known as a polargraphic projection, that spans five continents and four seasons using footage extracted from Google Street View. 

Jon Burgerman is as easily distracted as he is a talented and obsessive doodler. Fortunately, his humorous ruminations recently made their way from his sketchbook to the printed page in a new self-published book called "My American Summer". The 92-page hardbound zine chronicles his move from Nottingham, England to NYC (by way of LA) through a cast of colorful cartoons, for a loose autobiography that charms readers with his honest observations and preoccupations—from the time he watched two girls on an airplane wash an apple in a plastic bag, to waiting in line at the post office (the place "where time goes to die").

But meanwhile, back at the ranch-with-a-tin-roof and many-fluorescent-lights----  TY finally threw out a big box that a case of wine came in, and look what was inside!  These are the pressed paper forms that keep the bottles from rattling around so I grabbed them.  I have some from a box of plumbing supplies too and love how they photograph as their own little worlds.

 And I can just throw them in the dumpster when I'm done because they will dissolve in the next rain.

So I took a photo of the studio in Instagram while I was at it.  Vertigo, anyone?  Looks like all my stuff is orange, doesn't it?  Well, it's not.  The blue tape outlining my worktable is holding down a layer of freezer paper, protecting it from globs of wax because I am a pretty messy worker in hot wax.  
 And I got my new set of markers the other day, had to shake 'em out and give them a try, really nice!  Now I can go through and test my other forty sets and dump the ones that have dried up.  Another project, another day.

Which all leads to the current project where I've pulled stuff for the second twins quilt---(see their photo in the corner?  It's blown up about 10X there.  And I've named them Emmy and Amy.
 Here is their 'Contrary Wife' Colorado quilt that I've chopped up with the tablecloths I'm going to get into with the big scissors for their dresses.  The dark Irish Chain was washed a few times but each time the blue runs more into the (former) white background.  I've tried Color-Catcher, tried bleach, and it seems that this is as good as I can get it so it will now take a background position I guess.  My only other blue quilts have too many other colors in them for this cobbled-together quilt.    
Give me Cuttin' Strength when it comes to the blue embroidered tablecloths!  That will be hard, not that I especially like them, but there is a lot of work in those.  They are just so obsolete...

It’s always too early to quit.    Norman Vincent Peale

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