Saturday, June 23, 2012

Fraudulent Con Fraught

Although you can be quite happy during your visit to Fantasyland, you may be confused by the mixed signals from someone close to you today. Interactions with others are more complicated than they seem, either in one-on-one relationships or in a group setting. The smartest course of action is based upon a combination of compassion and responsibility. Don't sink into the drama around you; take the high road, instead.
FANTASYLAND???  Horrors!!!  Moi???  OK, maybe.  I am alone for a few days with just the doggies, and quite frankly loving it.  I sort of come and go as I please, leave a mess of dishes in the sink if I want, have cleaned out my closet and done a few things that time frames don't work with when the whole household is around.  Have also spent way too long at the studio on occasion.  But today the crap hits the air conditioner, as is a better saying down here than shit hitting any fans because the fans are overhead and therefore difficult to hit with shit, though we have plenty of that...

Today I am about out of gas, out of food, and out of steam!  Looks like it will be a replenishing day, and I hope to do there things before the daily thunderstorm hits so I can be back here to attach Molly with velcro to my leg for the thunder.  If I could only teach her that if she goes into the closet with all the clothes around as sound proofing, she will feel better.  Actually it's my hurricane hideout and equipped with a flashlight which hasn't been checked for probably five years.  Hmmm, another thing to do.
What I Need:
plus dog food!

What I Have:
At least I'll have some changes of clothes.

I bet the tin roof studio won't fare well in a hurricane.  Yesterday I got the two dresses roughly cut out and pinned in place finally.  I also got the edges and border embroidered in place so it's now a fully functioning rectangle, though not at all with right angles.  The binding on the old quilt is terrible and I may have to add a layer to it but the whole thing is so wonky that maybe I will just Let It Be, because it is what it is-  the full fledged sow's ear of old quilts.  Rather than making it a silk purse of quilts I am just sort of piercing one of the sow's ears!  If you get my drift.  Plus, I have certainly seen much nicer portrait quilts where all the different color planes are carefully cut and fit into place for fusing.  This ain't one of those, guaranteed.  And my appliqué job is growing by leaps as I stick down another new shape!  After I get the dresses figured out, I still have the shoes to deal with too.  Guess I as hoping to cut them off at the feet but that wouldn't be cool-  they need those little satin slippers.  And that's the progress and process report in one!  There ya go.

I'd take a picture but I'm not *there* yet.  And believe me, this is not a QN contender so that isn't why.  It's just that I need to resolve a few more issues before it's ready for scrutiny, 'cause right now it's a bunch of pinned on lumps of old ratty fabric.  It has made my hair curl, but not in a good way.

Happy weekend, go feed some squirrels-  they've been hot too.  

No truth was ever writ by drinkers of water.  Ovid

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