Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Crochetty Crochet Hunt

A little addendum to yesterday's post.  Remember that I had shown this fab crochet skirt that I had stumbled across?
Well, I decided to use the same methods when I saw the dyed bedspread in a snazzy boutique hotel-  visit eBay!  First of all, why are they all called Boho style, like this is a good thing?  Why are so many NOT cotton crochet?  This is what I found:

cheesy looking acrylic, uninteresting pattern
cheapie cheap, but can be a skirt OR a dress

As if...
 too lumpy, too long
eyy-ahhh, round 'em up and be pouty
 lumpy, too holey, too fuzzy, too pointy
where's the other half?
fine if you're 13

BUT, there were a couple that appear well made and might be possibilities, here:
maybe could be discharge dyed?

maybe discharged AND dyed?
Would look good with boots.

I don't have any boots.

But then sensibility overcame me and I realized that I wouldn't wear these if they were free and someone did to them what I want done!  And it occurred to me that the whole effort was PROCRASTINATION from what I should be doing but am scared to do:

cut out the dresses for the twins on my Twin quilt.

I'm scared.

sorry to bother you.

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Mary Beth Frezon said...

And don't you know I was doing all kinds of those diversionary things last night. Swinging from one thing to another and not getting much of anything done until I finally sat myself down and spoke sternly about pending deadlines and all.

The only thing I'm successfully keeping myself away from is my website rewrite and the prospect of the pain involved is enough to keep me clear of it.