Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Neo Bohemian Wormhole

Raining today.  Wanna go away.  Wish it were another day.  BUT here I am back in Routine and that means a blog post with some pictures before I head off to the tin roof studio for some spider killing, or perhaps work.  Lettuce Prey...
(Unfortunately this also applies to my quilts at some times.)
But I forge ahead, usually.

I have so much to catch up on, and am going to start with Madeleine von Foerster and her exquisite realistic oil and tempera paintings.
The amazing thing, if you go to her website, is she has a section on technique where she shows the steps that turn this:
into a finished painting.  It's worth a look-  actually the link above goes directly to the Technique demonstration, so look at that and then go poke around at her other works.  Makes my poor sketchbook efforts look really bad...
_______________Just a little diversion, and BTW this video won a world record for number of costume changes-  see how many you can identify________________
You may be drawn into your own inner drama now as the Sun slips into your 12th House of Secrets. Memories of the past, your family or your childhood give rise to powerful feelings that flood into your imagination. Fortunately, having more options available gives you the chance to eliminate a repetitive pattern that's no longer working for you. Although you might be all over the emotional map today, seeing things from multiple points of view inspires you to elevate your awareness to a higher level.
Horrors .
Remember my crocheted bedspread that Laurie helped me dye?  I've been showing it around to those that helped me remove all that fringe so they know I followed through.  Well, look at what I found-  I love this skirt, also crocheted and also dyed.  I know I won't find a skirt already made, I know that I won't crochet one myself, and I also know that Laurie isn't' around to solve my problems with dye any more.  But damn, I am tempted.  Never mind I don't wear skirts either-  this could convert me.  

And with that I must get back to work.  The guy next door must have daycare problems because I hear all 4 of his kids destroying his place, can't imagine how he works with the din.  Guess I was a bit dismissive when he offered me $$$ to teach them art this summer.  Not enough of those $'s on the green planet for that!

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