Thursday, June 07, 2012

Gustafson Incorrigible Gules

Clean out a corner of your mind and creativity will instantly fill it.  Dee Hock
Speakin' of creativity-  looks like this person has been buying the Martha Stewart star hole punches at Michaels.  There was a big coupon the other day, glad somebody put it to use.  But I bet his mother isn't.  I do have to say, like the old gal that I am, that I would put up with this before those hideous plugs that stretch the holes to an inch across.
 And an accidental body enhancement from wearing crocs.  I've herd of Farmer's Tans, saw the picture of the truck driver whose face was so wrinkled and old on the side by his open window that he looked like his own grandfather on that side, smooth and unwrinkled on the other side.  Sort of looks skeletal, doesn't it?  Another reason not to wear them-  I hadn't even considered a tan line yet.
Rocks laughing at stupidity in humans.
 And a good graph for more human behavior-  people only get two choices and I know mine.
 Because of a deficit in the lower right I make up for by getting great shoes.  See the pink in these-  I bought them to go with a rose colored dress-  I know I know, it's supposed to be rose colored glasses and a LBD, but I got it backwards.
 Anyway, mine arrived without a trace of pink or orange or rose or red.  Have to take them to the studio tomorrow and attack with my new graffiti pens.

Horror-  again, between the eyes, SMACK!  Knocked off my glasses.
You may feel overwhelmed today as your thoughts sink under water into the oceanic realm of emotions, where boundaries are difficult to establish and maintain. Nevertheless, it's pointless worrying about circumstances beyond your control. Bring your thoughts back to the present moment and listen to the wisdom of someone very close to you. There's no need to be concerned about losing your way now if you stay close to home.

Hazel's pony, Trudy, the born new horse, loves his new blanket-  see?  Looks like the color was spot-on because we all know Trudy likes pink, but she doesn't like LIGHT pink, she likes BRIGHT pink. With mucho thanks to USPS who got it there on one day so she didn't forget that Trudy needed a quilt, as do all baby born horses.
Looks like the troops escaped before breakfast to swing from their vines in excitement.  He'll kill me for this in a few years but what the hell-  what kids are interested in granny's blog?  Maybe this will be our secret, OK?
I've had a nice thing happen to me lately.  My friend Laurie who moved away from Florida, is back for the week.  We had a great catch-up day in the studio talking away while we yanked the fringe out of the old bedspread and she offered to help me dye it because she had read my whining the other day on the blog!  She is a Graduate of the Jane Dunnewold Dye University and does beautiful, carefully controlled dyeing-  my bedspread is a piece o' cake for her to 'help' me with.  So, she offered her dye studio as the place.  She offered her dedicated top loader washer as the equipment, and when I arrived with the bedspread and she had already prepared the dye formula and the washing machine was full of hot water.  Now remember this is supposed to be MY project-  I was gonna open a packet of RIT and  drag the thing up to MA to use my little stacked washer up there (!)  Hey, I never claimed to be a dyer.

Well, Laurie took over in her shoulder high gloves, mixing and adding and making sure the washer was agitating for hours.  Finally she told me to leave while it was happening, I should come back that afternoon when it has soaked up all the dye, so off I went.  That afternoon she called and was rinsing and washing the huge thing but it was still releasing dye so she wouldn't let me take it.  She washed and rinsed again, and I am stopping back tomorrow to grab it.  Got a text tonight that she is STILL washing and rinsing it, it's still releasing dye.  Thanksgod I didn't try this myself!

So while she was working away on this, I started cutting out 15 crayon rolls from fabric she had for an upcoming birthday party.  Cute project.  NEVER ask me to cut anything with a rotary cutter though, somehow I get the lines mixed up and sure enough I cut 15 pieces an inch short.  OMG, I am so feeling the guilt!  She pooh poohed me and said she could give the kids 12 crayons instead of 15, but I still feel terrible I screwed up her plan.

But friends run through ones life, and I see them like bubbles blowing in the wind-sometimes two bubbles meet and stick together for long times, other times are short and they burst quickly.  Laurie and I will always be friends-  we have too many similarities and things in common, but she is moving on to be closer to her family.  I fully understand and wish them all well-  know she loves being with her adorable grandchildren and not missing a single milestone. I seriously wish her nothing but the best, but I do have to admit there is an important bubble in my life missing.

And Laurie-  when you read this I am SO sorry for shortening up the crayon holders!  One thing we don't have in common is the way we work but I think we've both learned a little from each other these past few years.  And I'm looking at the bright side that some day I might get to Nashville!

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Cathy said...

You sound like the kind of friend I would want to have!