Friday, June 08, 2012

Height Cherokee Essex

Neither are their studios.  But I submit one little cubby that pretty much stays neat because I don't' make tea there.  I just can't stop looking for this old Japanese tomato pattern.

Most artists work all the time. Especially the good ones. I mean, what else is there to do?" (David Hockney
My 'what else' includes photographing the wildlife that climbs my windows in the dead of night:
 Peace On  (check his wee fingers!)
now get off my window!
And showing that my critters-of-choice occasionally sniff noses now.  A real nice development, especially on car rides.  Sorry I missed the actual nose touch here because it's so fleeting.

And finally, the 'Before' picture of the crochet blanket, showing the hours of work pulling the fringe out all the way around.  

I had four friend helping one morning, then Laurie and I worked our way across the last edge before our dye day yesterday.  And here is the finished version!
I quite love it!  It's actually much bluer than I had intended but since it has no specific place to live yet, the color isn't important as long as it's dark!  Now, the funny thing is that it is a foot shorter in both directions than when we started-  even discounting the brings on all sides.  All that hot water and agitation seized it right up, also a good thing!  It's quite cozy-  the dogs had a jolly roll-around on it because it scratches their backs as they go.  

PS If you read the comments, there was a nice one yesterday from Cathy and I have an answer for her: Thanks so much for your nice words, but NEVER let me touch anything of yours that matters- I tend to make people think creatively in spite of themselves on how to re-use the fragments and shards of my good intentions! If you're looking for a good friend, I might suggest someone just like Laurie!

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