Thursday, June 28, 2012

Harmoniously Knocked-Up Codex

Appropriately my life mantra.

I picked up TY from the airport yesterday in a torrential downpour, sat in the cell phone lot reading and waiting for him and OF COURSE he even landed early, so off I went to the terminal under the parking garage to fetch him.  By the time we emerged out the other end of the tunnel, the skies were gorgeous blue, not a cloud visible anywhere.  I was spittin' nails.  Doesn't he get it that Debby has been making the state miserable for a whole week?  Nope.  TY has a fortunate star over his head for weather and parking spaces and a few other things, it's a miracle he is grumpy all the time.  But I did manage to park one space away from the entry to the restaurant, he sort of looked at me with pity-  said if he was driving that the first space would have opened when they saw him coming.  And I know it too.  Sigh.  I made him walk the three extra steps to a couple of platters of tacos.  And today is simply glorious, dry and mid-80's-  perfection.

"Prince Gabre Kristos (You can call him TY) left home to pursue a religious life. When he returned to the 
palace disguised as a beggar, only his dogs recognized him."

See?  I REALLY am working on something.  And I am still enthralled with twins, so far so good.

Didja notice I got fancy cropping the Twins quilt progress photo?  This was from a few days ago, I have been busily appliquéing down all the loose ends.  Who know I even had an elliptical crop tool... not that I'll get in the habit of it, promise, a bit tacky, but it kind of goes with the old portraits.

Designing Dogs, sleeping it off.

A couple more Designer Moths, though information is a bit scarce.  I found the following on a 

photography site:

This moth displays an idiosyncratic color pattern and wears a stylish fur. This extravagant moth is- Zeuzera pyrina- family: CossidaeThe species is wide-spread in Europe and Asia and has been introduced also in North-America.The caterpillar is found in the wood of numerous trees such as Betula, Populus, Quercus, Acer and Tilia and needs 2 years for development.The moths can reach wingspans of up to 7 cm and more, in particular the females.
 'No Globes'
Named for the lack of snow in the little glass world built around miniature nuclear reactors.  

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