Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Iam Alcoholism Voluptuous

(Considering this came from a world renowned ultimate quitter, take it with a grain of salt. )

You have many stories to tell today and are eager to hear what others have to say, too. The Libra Moon is visiting your 3rd House of Communication, increasing the joy you feel when reading an email from a loved one, talking on the phone with a chatty friend or taking a short walk with a new acquaintance. However, the key to your current happiness is sharing the spotlight. Think of your life as a team sport in which everyone wins together now or no one wins at all.

Yup, I am headed for the airport today to pick up that 'Libra moon'.  Hmmm, I don't quite know about the 'joy' part, but I can muster a tad of enthusiasm for having somebody around to eat the 10 quarts of chili I made yesterday from the frozen pig I've been harboring.  Once, and IF, the plane lands, I am taking him to Rocco's Tacos for lunch-  think we'll be seated inside today because Debby is still sparring with us weather-wise.  But the winds today are only going to be 35 mph, quite a calm and balmy day compared to the past week.  

You know how in winter when you first go outside and your glasses frost up and you can't see a bloody thing until it goes away?  Bet you didn't know it happens here in the summer!  When I head out to walk the doggies at 6:30, it's quite steamy out, and as soon as I hit the warm air after being inside all night, there go the glasses.  Those of us who wear glasses 24/7 also ought to be issued tiny windshield wipers with the prescription...
Whoa, guess I'm too late for that patent too-  Here's Elton (and it appears to be quite an ancient photo) in pink!
Found a new bug on the internets yesterday, a Designer Moth.  I think it will be the official bug of this blog from now on and I will install him in a sidebar if I get around to it.  A new totem, just what I need.
But, you have to admit he is sure pretty, and emblematic of how I flit from one thing to another: adult onset ADD, or AOADD, self diagnosed, but then recognizing the problem is the first step to solving the problem, isn't it?  That's what they say on 'Hoarders'.

I'm out of here, have to get myself back to the appliqué on the twins quilt-  I am not exactly burning up thread spools with this project, it is quite a pain to have to move a whole quilt around and around to change directions in the sewing.  Why hand sewing?  Same reason, I can't maneuver a full blown quilt under the machine needle.  Sigh.  The other day, ALL day working, I did manage to finish the arch and the moldings on the sides.  Today I need to get the background drapery sewn down, then at some future date I get to sew the hard parts!  I am waking up in the middle of the night thinking about HAIR for the girls...  but I'll tell you, once I decided that wonky was OK, it took off.  All systems go, and whatever happens is just fine, it's just that decision really didn't speed up the process-  just made me open to more ways of coping!  Lettuce prey.

Later I hope to look up Designer Moths and find out more about them.  I'll share.

I would be remiss without noting the sad news today of Nora Ephron's death. I will certainly miss her wit and wisdom in the future, but will revisit her works with renewed appreciation.

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