Saturday, June 30, 2012

Seamstress Lambda Aldehyde

I need to listen more carefully.

OK, Folks, today is a veritable potpourri of loose crazies from around our internets.  Rremember I don't go for dirty stuff, don't go for gross, and don't pander to the 13 year old boy with fart jokes.  This is the stuff I simply stumble over from surfing around instead of doing something productive.  So, first off, in the tattoo world out there, which one of these guys would you hire for any imaginable job?
 Above, the guy who likes stitches across his forehead (must be really REALLY mad at his mom!)
or the guy below who likes his tennis socks so much he had them permanently attached?  Up to you.

 Changing themes here to ANIMALS now, un rehearsed, I just realized all these photos are animal-related.  First, a sweatshirt to advertise you are single and have a silk wreathe on your door, inside.

 Next. a tee shirt to again advertise you are single and have a hole punched in your door, inside and outside.  Wish we could get these two together so Pugsy and Kitty could at least have some company.

 I was reading about Art Basel on several different sites today because there was a laughable discussion on cutting edge quilts on the SAQA list yesterday.  And one of the women was pretty on target saying that perhaps this group of quilting ladies don't quite meet 'cutting edge' when it comes to art.  It's really funny to hear them go on and on about how fabulous they are with 'collectors' and 'venues' and all-  don't they realize they make quilts and show them at quilt shows?  This is NOT the art world.  But I don't have to tell them that if they can't figure it out themselves.  They think they have jumped the void when they see something called a Mixed Media show but all that means is someone added paint to their quilt.  I'm not going to be the self appointed New Quilt Police though, going to keep my typing fingers to myself on this blog where nobody finds me and my goddamn opinions (straight out of my dad's mouth:  "me and my goddamn opinions."  No wonder I am who I am.)

But I digress:  Here is an animal based hunk of art where the antlers have been encrusted with sparkles, assumed to be rhinestones.  Both a hunter and an artist, Marc Swanson has established a body of work around a breathtaking set of bedazzled crystal deer-antler sculptures. According to the gallery, Swanson's five-piece "Untitled (Crystal Hooking Left)" (2011) edition stems largely from his personal history, started as a way to "explore, both physical and spiritually, the duality of masculine identities he was experiencing." The piece was constructed from polyurethane foam and crystal, and is from Richard Gray Gallery.
Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs (or The Witches)" (1985) by Swiss artist Jean Tinguely (1925-1991) fuses together a hodgepodge of metals into eight motorized sculptures. From wrought iron bits and scrap to bicycle frames and axles, the seemingly creaky contraptions are laced together with strips of fabric and animal skulls for a slightly macabre vibe. The piece, made in the late years of Tinguely's life, is from Galerie Hans Mayer in D├╝sseldorf, Germany.

I find this one to be very interesting because of his similarities to one of my favorite artists, Ives Tanguy (1900-1955), a French surrealist artist who's interests included  automatic writing, in other words, letting the unconscious dictate the way the hand goes in writing and in art.  The thing I took from this, which I was so interested in as an idea when I discovered I would finish a piece and absolutely not know how it was made.  I really couldn't remember making things, even though I knew I did but I realized that there was something else making them THROUGH me and decided to just go with it and enjoy the ride.  Whoever it was doesn't visit much any more and has left me to my own devises.  Wish they would come back, so I thought my little shout-out to Tinguely might ignite the source.  Ya never know.  I'll tell you if it comes back.

Well, you KNOW how I am enthralled with things like this---
 I loves me some taxidermy!  Here are baby bunnies in school, simply horrific.  There is a whole BOOK due out in August, called 'The Breathless Zoo'  Go to the site to see some examples.

 No, this is a live dog in pajamas asking if he can romp naked like his friends.  I vote yes.

 And wisdom from Snookie-Yoda about animal cruelty and not eating lobster 'because they are alive when you kill them'.  Genius, and unfortunately a breeder..

 And a naturally growing red rubber duckie.  Isn't this the cutest?  How could you eat him?

Finally, take a breath, I'm leaving now on this note-  The Shakspearian Hokey Pokey---
and yup, that IS what it's all about.  


Deb said...

ho ho ho...not you. just laughing. I've been wondering when someone was going to call the Emperor out on his lack of clothes. When I read the SAQA list I always take a moment to connect the commenter with the art and it never ceases to amaze me how screamingly mundane and boring 95% of it is. Cutting edge? as in rotary??

I keeps me opinions to meself. mostly. thanks for the soapbox.

Mary Beth said...

Laughed all the way through dinner with you and Deb, and not just because I was eavesdropping on all the healthcare-decision-conversations. whew. When i got to Mr. Pugsey, you KNOW he has at least one, maybe two. Or his Mom does.

If you want more laughs like this I can highly recommend online dating sites where you can browse endless photos of men with an array of motorcycles or (I kid you not) ride on lawnmowers behind them. Yes, plural. I don't even have to tempt you with the statistically amazing number of males who are interested in quiet dinners and walks on beaches and maybe a motorcycle ride... I laugh until I weep.

But mr. pugsey, mr. pugsey. I admire your softer more vulnerable side. Or perhaps there was the winner of the bet just off camera holding a glock. Either way. Thank you for sharing. Not everyone could pull off that shirt...

Max said...

I have a studio assistant this year, a fine arts major from the local university. We went through my library last week, weeding out stuff that I don't want anymore . . .amazed me how much in the way of 'cutting edge' in the art quilt microcosm just doesn't work when you try and put it in the context of contemporary art.

Somehow I don't think that telling the emperor isn't going to work very well.