Sunday, July 01, 2012

Alder Voodoo Seance

Work is more fun than fun.   Noel Coward

There are two kinds of Artists,
                                                And each has got an aim:
                                            The one he paints for pennies
                                               The other -- does the same.
(From a 1900 children's book published in London, 'Jack of All Trades', with thanks to Bibliodysey)

A bit of unfinished taxidermy business:
Yup, its real.  Disgusting, isn't it?  Bet it smells bad too.

A flipped photo of a museum exhibit?  Read on...
 A collection of dioramas by artist Kenji Sugiyama, "Institute of Intimate Museums" proved to be one of the most engaging displays at Scope Basel 2012. Spanning the artist's output from 1999 to 2008, the works serve as clever variations on traditional diorama art—cramped consumer boxes containing lilliputian scenes of museum-goers standing in halls of shrunken art. Within the setting of the fair, Sugiyama's museums forced attendees to reflect on the nature of observance and perspective in the contemporary art scene.
Each spaghetti box is a different exhibit!

And now I am gonna point you to Joanne Casey because I think I have a crush on her.  Remember Pugsy yesterday, the guy in the Pug tee shirt?  He has been modified and I hope you don't lose it over these-  if you do, go sign up to be Joanne's new BFF but you will be right behind me in the line:

And I am out of here, having friends for dinner and I have to go stir the bolognese-  so far I have stirred it every five minutes most of the day and of course taken a taste every time.  Hope I can stretch it out enough to serve-  I may have to throw in a jar of store-bought sauce at this point.  It was supposed to serve 6, I doubled it, but it doesn't look like it will feed just TY and me at this point!  Maybe they won't be hungry.

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