Saturday, June 02, 2012

Rustically Dipthonged Incuabula

Inspirational Button Love

Horrific:       You're ready for nearly any type of action, but your instincts are telling you to remain still today and wait for a more beneficial time to play your hand. You aren't interested in taking a risk if it means losing control. In fact, extreme behavior of any kind isn't advisable now because significant shifts over the next few days could prevent you from gaining traction. Hold your cards to yourself until the time is right to gamble with your heart.
Damn, I really wanted me that traction.  Foiled again.

House owner sez: "Maybe it means we should look inside yourself and change something."
Jesus sayeth, "CLEAN THAT BATHROOM!"

Had some good thrift shopping luck the other day and found a $2.50 book with 1300+ pages of tiny type, the Who's Who of American Women in 1970.  I'm not in it.  Or maybe I am, just didn't look.  But it will be great for tearing up and pouring wax over and scanning for printing on fabric-  all the things I hesitate to tear other books up for and now I have an inexhaustible supply of pages, nicely yellowing on the edges just like I like 'em.

Also found a little workbook of fancy stitching, and it has plastic sleeves with examples of all the stitches inside.  Not that I am going to do heirloom stitching any tie soon, but now I can ...ummm-  now I can CUT UP THIS BOOK TOO!  Yeah, that's the ticket.  This one cost me a buck.

Meanwhile, there are other more important crafty happenings going on around here.  I was on a bloghop this morning wasting my time before procrastinating (!) and learning about the Modern Quilting movement.  I really like the simplicity that has returned to quilting through this, but frankly am not all that keen on the fabrics and color choices.  Guess I am locked in the past, however, since it's the kind of thing we were doing back in the 70's when we first discovered quilting ourselves, it's familiar!  And of course there is always a maverick who does other stuff, like this fab little lego sewing machine!
Carrie Bloomston of  Such Designs recently posted this tutorial from the most visited post on her blog.  A post that has not one stitch about needle or thread mentioned. It’s this incredible Lego version of a sewing machine.  Of course you have to have kids around providing the legos.
Don't know if it's worth that price.
Yeah I guess it is.  My grandson yesterday after a big day, dropped in his tracks.  One of my friends, upon seeing the picture said he will look exactly the same in his dorm room with his head on a speaker!  
Sigh.  Probably true.

I fulfilled my goals yesterday and got the heads on the twins, then worked on the arch and the moldings and got that all pinned in place.  Today I tackle the dresses, but unfortunately discovered that one of the blue embroidered pieces I had pulled for one was only half a tablecloth.  I'm not sure I can get enough to it to cut a dress, but I'll give it a shot.  Had some good luck yesterday making a background drapery work so I may be overconfident, we'll see.  Looks like a lot of hand stitching ahead.

AND there is a Call for Entries for a small quilt show in Lowell that I thought I had a piece to send but measured it the other day and I am oversized, in face Super-Sized for their requirement so either I rethink QUICKLY or dump the idea of entering.  I kind of want to give it a shot so that's plan B for today.  

TY has a Boston Buddy in town this week so he's taken care of except for throwing a pot of matzoh ball soup at him tonight.  It's mostly done since I boiled up 2 chicken carcasses last night while playing DrawSomething with my pals.  I just need to cut up some vegetables and mix up the matzoh and soupzon.    
And my other dinner guests, it's after all their beloved rotisserie chickens that provided the bones.
They're resting up in anticipation.

BTW, in case you were wondering, they are getting along swimmingly now.  I am thinking that Pepper has the dog form of autism, and Molly has taken it upon herself to get him up to speed:

Molly:  'This is how we beg-  use the Big Eyes and they will drop food morsels for you!  But I get mine first, then you.'
Pepper:  'errrrk?'
Molly:  'It's my turn to sit next to mom, you're second.'
Pepper:  'awrorrr?'
Molly:  'You're not allowed to pee on grass because it makes you itch- go pee on that mailbox.'
Pepper:  'haaccch?'
Molly:  Never ever poop in the house, they hate that and will send you away.'
Pepper: 'wahof?'
Molly:  You're not allowed on the bed, that's mine.  You sleep on the floor over there.'
Pepper, curling up on the floor:  'ovvvhh?'

And so it goes.
Speaking of dog training, watch CBS on Wednesday nights at 8, "Dogs in the City" with Justin Silver, who happens to be one of my daughter's old school friends.  He is a NY dog trainer extroidinaire and stand-up comic.  He has bitten off a chunk dealing with NYC dogs and their keepers!

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mary beth frezon said...

Dogs in the City was much funnier than I expected. I'm not sure I would have been able to keep a straight face listening to the owners (the dogs' problems were quite believable!) so I give him a thumbs up. Maybe I missed it - did he ever talk about the bulldog beefy needing to drop some weight so walking wasn't such an issue?