Wednesday, July 25, 2012

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The people in your immediate surroundings are your greatest supporters now, but you have to invite them to help or you might miss the benefits of what they could offer. Don't pretend that you are more self-sufficient than you truly are. It is your vulnerability that sets the stage for the magic to happen.

Something cool today, my friends-  a visit to Anamorphic Typography!  You have probably see Anamorphic Art on sidewalks where there are illusions of depth going down under the surface, or three dimensions with figures appearing to sit on the asphalt.  Anamorphic Typography by Chicago designer Thomas Quinn. The illusion is created using a standard light projector that projects the intended design on an uneven surface which is then carefully painted.

Artist Stephen Doyle of Doyle Partners (of paper sculpture fame) just completed this excellent anamorphic projection for the New York Times magazine using blue tape.

Photographed by Christian Stoll for Pricewaterhouse Coopers Magazine without the use of retouching. Just good old-fashioned anamorphic set design.

London-based graphic design student Joseph Egan created this fantastic anamorphic typographic installation at Chelsea College of Art & Design.

And finally,  3-D version of the making of an album cover.  Start about halfway in.

And because I mentioned sidewalk art in the beginning, here's a bit of German artist, Edgar Mueller's creations. Remember, these wash off in a rainstorm!
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