Monday, July 23, 2012

Seaport Lamellar Aldermen

It'd be nice to make lots of money but it's quite difficult, because every time I make lots of money I make a bigger piece that costs lots of money. Damien Hirst 

Got some really sad news last night that herb Vogel has died.  You may remember him as half of the Herb and Dorothy duo, the NY people who used all their resources from his job at the post office and hers as a librarian to buy art.  They amassed an amazing collection of contemporary work one piece at a time and crammed it all into their tiny apartment.  Herb was 89, and Dorothy is in a nursing home now, but their incredible collection remains a beacon for those of us who can't think of collecting contemporary art.  Of course you can.  Go check the second link for a list of who they collected.
 Herb and Dorothy- the Movie (disclaimer, I contributed to this through Kickstarter)
In their apartment.

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How about a little 'passing it forward' with your drawings?  This is so cool-  just do it and leave it for the guy as he gets up at the next stop!  He'll be drinking RedBull from now on, no more snoozing on the bus!

 And a new way of traveling to classes having to drag a heavy machine behind you!  And another thing I've learned from this tip/picture is to WEAR your fabric!  Gets it there, and actually if it's damp, when you don it, it will dry out in time for class.This leaves you hands free for hauling additional equipment.

Found a company that specializes in costumes, in case you're looking ahead to Hallowe'en.  This is perfect, a Lizard tail hanging out the back of your pants to show your true attributes.  Magnificent tail, hop you like to dance a lot though because there will be NO sitting down in this.  They also have a squirrel tail that I am considering (I'm a sitter!) but I have time.
Get them HERE, but know that there will be some 'alterations' to your favorite pants-  you might want to go buy some UNfavorites or perhaps go as the clothing alternative Geico Gecko.
( Love Australians!)
And here ya go-  print this out and assemble your own Gecko!

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