Saturday, July 21, 2012

Anaheim Adjudge Barbados

If I've hurt anybody's feelings I'm sorry.  Tell me!

Polish-born, Brooklyn-based crochet master Olek is known for her delightful crocheted graffiti, brightening up New York's urban streets via crocheted baby strollers, bulls and motorbikes. Her newest project shows Olek's crochet renegade style works just as well in tropical settings as industrial.  She worked with a team of "crocheteiros" for several weeks to create "Crocheted Jacaréa," a massive alligator playground. Designed by Marcia Maria Benevento, the playground is completely covered in North Carolina acrylic yarn and Brazilian ribbons. The piece will be part of the SESC Arts Show 2012, from July 19-29.  Better hurry up and grab that ticket to Sao Paulo.
Or, that failing, you can hike to the Renwick and see her covering Einstein's statue as part of the 40 Under 40 exhibit I covered the other day!

Happy Birthday, Judy Chicago!
If it wren't for her, feminist art wouldn't be where it is today.  Thanks!

Had a good half day in the studio yesterday and got the problem of the ratty binding along the top solved.  Keeping with the theme of only sticking to vintage fabrics, I found a great piece of lace to use across the worn edge.  It was fragile stuff and I had some problems repairing it as my fingers went through in several places.  Also it was very delicate and really didn't cover the batting coming through the frayed edge so I stuck another fabric behind it.  If I would have planned this, I would have just used the fabric from the sleeve and brought to over and around to the front but didn't figure that out until way too late.  Oh yeah, I also got the sleeve on.  And finished up the dresses so the thing is down to the last 18" or so and the next issue is the shoes.  Today.  I took some snaps of where I'm starting on this and will post when I get to the studio.  I'm thinking maybe I will hang this the same way I did the baby twins-  with snaps across the stick and the front gathered up a bit.  I kind of liked continuing the drapery idea on the last one, but don't know if it will obscure the faces on this one since the figures are bigger.

So, the day is cut out for me and it's supposed to start raining again so I better get at it.  
"Men of genius often do the most work when it seems they are not working at all."  Leonardo
(Wonder if this applies to women too.)

Dogs in Art-  this is really fun, a followup to the video of Women in Art I guess.

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