Friday, July 20, 2012

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The Moon is back in your sign, encouraging you to let everyone know exactly what you want. However, expressing your needs could create problems if you seem too demanding. Concentrating on your desires prevents you from being fully present in a relationship, and you may not even notice if another person is already offering you love and support. Paradoxically, removing yourself from the spotlight is a more reliable path to satisfaction now, so focus on others rather than yourself.
Focussing on others today-  my Grandcat, Fiona, met an unfortunate and untimely demise in a confrontation with a 4 wheeled vehicle.  Said vehicle either didn't realize what happened or chose to  book it on out of the area.  Poor thing, just left there by the road-  it breaks my heart that a loving and loved pet was treated this way.

And to cap that off, here is a pet squirrel video.  Check out his wee helmet.  Geesh, seems there is one born every minute, isn't there? And I don't mean squirrels.

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The Second Creative Hack, taken directly from Jonah Lehrer's 'How to be Creative':
2.  Get Groggy.  According to a study published last month, people at their least alert time of day- think of a night person early in the morning- performed better on various creative puzzles, sometimes improving their scores by 50%.  Grogginess has creative perks.
Things are back to normalish on the home front, I am back to housewifery and scullery maid and can't say my vacation from it makes it any more enjoyable.  Last night I threw some bratwurst and sauerkraut on the stove and just moments later it was burned and crusty:  Welcome home, honey!  Was able to get the pan clean after a night of soaking (my cleaning tip-  let it all soak! Where's that hose?)  

Another motherly tip for those of you in the snow belt:
(Even my mother didn't make me do this...)

So to escape the drudgery I am at the studio, sans canine companions, for the first time in days. I have two goals today:  1.  To finish the dresses on the twins, and 2. To sew up a bag I have started for my portable knitting.  Them, if I have any steam left, I am gonna start the girl's shoes-  now just bad drawings on the backs of old computer paper.  The shoes look OK, but for some reason they are 4 different sizes to my eye.  Have to do a bit of stretching and shrinking before I put them on cloth.  So, with that stated objective, I want to be held to it, and I am off!

OK, so not at top speed but at least we're moving.

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