Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Bonnie Palisade Guaranteeing

You are ready for a vacation and even if you cannot take an extended one, a quick weekend getaway should be enough to alleviate the pressure. Don't worry if you haven't made any plans yet. A spontaneous day trip can be just what the doctor ordered. But if you're already booked for the day, at least pick a weekend on the calendar and start planning your great escape.
Oh my, how do it know???  I have some alone-time coming up, a vacation for sure, can't wait.
For instance yesterday I had a whole day for the studio, BUT we had to get the car to the dealership for service so that meant I had to get dropped at the studio after when I would have gone on my own, so subtract an hour.  I spent the morning doing some overdo repair work and putting a layer of wax on a few old encaustic endeavors that need attentions.  At noon TY appears and wants to go to lunch-  my lunch is a power bar, but he wants to 'haz a cheezeburger' so I lock up and off we go, thinking 5Guys down the block.  Nope, he had another particular burger in mind that's far away so I get back to the studio with another lost hour and a half.  I tell TY to pick me up at 3:30 before he goes to the gym so I have less than an hour and a half to work and eliminate several things that I need a bigger time window to get into.  Then, at 3:30 he calls and says that the car will be ready for pickup at 5 so he will get me then.  DRAT, another hour and a half where I can't really get into what I want to be doing.
I so hate not having my own car,
this needs to be remedied stat.
So, all told my full day at the studio was cut up into 90 minute segments totaling 4.5 hours.   Aaarugh.

But I did get my pants hem fixed, the tie sewn back on my peasant blouse, a button replaced, yesterday's post up, and a bunch of calls-for-entry downloaded.  They will be deleted one by one as I miss the dates, but at least there are some things out there to enter AND I noticed that entry fees are way down on most- $10 and $20 on two.  I've heard through my grapevine that show entries are down some and that they think entry fees are preventing people from considering all but the shoo-ins.  Interesting.  

Now, some thinking out-loud:
Today is set up to be another one just like yesterday-  I have a blood test early, then I have to accompany TY down to some godforsaken town an hour away to pick up the Cobra after it's servicing which took a week.  That kills the morning.  Maybe this afternoon I can return to spider-world and work on the twin's arms some more.  Summertime at the Industrial Park is slow so I can at least keep the radio on high so I can hear it- perfect for all the @#$%^&* handwork I have yet to do.  I am trying to decide if I should get out the paints for detailing, but the whole thing is taking on a folky-arty feel and I am thinking maybe I should just stitch in the detail lines with more embroidery.  Which makes my teeth itch, but I'll do it if I need to.  I'll decide when I get the dresses and ruffles sewn on.  I might just like the flat un-detailed surface as is.  Plus that's in keeping with the past version of the babies.  

Anyway, I have other issues to consider too-  like the ratty edges of the vintage quilt background.  The binding is worn through across the top, but since it's part of the original quilt I am thinking it should remain 'as-found' rather than re-bound.  I'm adding very visible patches to the rips and tears, but something bothers me about fixing the worn edges too much.  I KNOW it would be a major problem with a show...  Help!!!!!!!  I am **thinking** of simply stabilizing it along those edges with some gel medium.  WYSWYG.  Or maybe adding a simple blanket stitch over the damage still leaving it visible.
Re-doing the binding is really out of the considerations. Thanks for listening, answers not expected but if you do, they will be much appreciated.  Sometimes a simple statement stops me short.

Nothing can be loved or hated unless it is first understood.  Leonardo daVinci

So, off with my day.  Blood-letting, something to look forward to!  

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max said...

Are you doing this quilt because you need to do this quilt or are you doing it to satisfy some unidentified juror hunched in front of a laptop somewhere? Your gut instinct for your work is pretty well developed . . . stop worrying!