Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Vertically Drop-Capped Pice

I'm currently still stuck at the 'impossible' part but fighting my way through.

Happy Birthday Nikola Tesla

Two pictures to compare and contrast first off-  This is an Alexander McQueen gown from a few years ago, gorgeous and innovative, right?  (Though the feather thing has me worried because I doubt they were naturally shed from the Amazon forests...)  But whatever.
 And here is a more recent copy of that gown, without the feather wings so it's so much more wearable.  Except that it weighs 100#s because it's made of  (drum beat here...)
Gummy Bears.

Next, we have some more art recreated (that means copied to the general public) by Vik Muniz from original art of some renown.  Muniz is a Brazilian artist working in NY who used cut up magazine pictures to replicate these paintings.

He recently completed another project back in Rio where he made a copy of the bay entirely out of trash-  go HERE to see the project in progress as well as completed.

And the other good news is I now have a studio assistant!  Here is is rearranging my fabric stash by color, value, and column...  Yes, he does have clothes, but he isn't wearing them.
(This ginger guy deserves the XL treatment, so what if it doesnt fit the blogger idea of layout!)

See all my shelves on the left?  He is cleaning them as he goes.  Then he will vacuum.  

  Sitting here in a rainstorm waiting for a break to... ummm... break out of here!  

Can you tell I may have reach saturation? See you tomorrow with more serious stuff, maybe arty too.

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