Friday, July 06, 2012

Cake His Beat

Your network of friends and colleagues is changing now, and letting go of your old connections isn't as difficult as you expect. A recent acquaintance may reflect your current interests better than an old one. Instead of trying to hold on to your past, embrace the exciting relationship potential that's heading your way.
SHOW ALERT Conference of the Birds will be on view at Mana Contemporary in Newark through Tuesday, July 31stIm sending you along to these sites because of a recent discussion we have had on the SAQA list about cutting-edge work.  None of this work is cutting edge, but it is mature and innovative and certainly contemporary.   Some of the artists included are in the following, and you will do yourself a favor to go check each of their websites:

does beautiful ethereal site specific urban street installations of fiber that moves continually in the wind:

Originally influenced by wood eating insects, he has gone on to study patterns and folds formed in nature.

Danielle Julian Norton 
Site specific installations using unusual materials and examining the role of the artist

Photography and Sculpture   “We  create works in response to the ever-bleakening relationship linking humans, technology, and nature."

Using handblown pigmented glass or carved from limestone or wood, Rosen images bird shapes in a contemporary way.

Steven Siegel
Site specific sculptures exploring sedimental buildup over time and the subsequent erosion of the materials.

 Carston Höller 
Höller creates situations which question familiar forms of perception and allow exhibition visitors to experiment on themselves, often inviting the public's active participation.

And there are many more artists involved.  If you live ANYwhere near Newark, please go and tell me about this show!  Wish I could see it, but just looking at the work is stimulating enough.  It beautifully illustrates what a themed show SHOULD be!
I did manage to spend a good chunk of time in the studio yesterday.  I made 4 arms and sleeves for the twins, now I have to stitch them down, but the stitching part is what is hanging me up at every turn on these gals.  I just dread it, especially on such a large piece because it involves turning the whole quilt with every slight change of direction. I probably needed to do all this by machine but I really don't want those lines on it since the background quilt is all hand quilted-  me and my damn 'rules'.   I SHOULD learn to stitch from right to left and from top down but it ain't in my nature.  I SHOULD hire a bunch of robots to come in at night to stitch and vanquish spiders.  What a help that would be.  Maybe if I leave a plate of cookies?  Today I only have a few short hours this morning but I will stop by and see what I can get done with some steady work.  

We have some art-film-interested friends coming over tonight to watch 'Whale Rider' with us again and the house needs a pick-up.  Hope I like it as much this time as when it first came out.

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PaMdora said...

I didn't know robots were good at vanquishing spiders, but I usually just let them walk away unless they are especially big and hairy, or someone's watching who is scared of spiders.

Watching the video, I started thinking about a guy who used to cut my hair. He'd always ask me what I was doing, then after I told him, he'd say "what's the point?" I finally quit going to his salon, because I never knew how to answer that.