Saturday, July 07, 2012

Trigonal Annum Nursery

Looks like I will be in Lowell for the weekend of the 11th and 12th for the festivities.  The only thing I am involved in this year is the 'Material Visions' show at the Ayers Lofts Gallery right across from the Quilt Museum so I'll definitely be at the opening between 1 and 3 standing next to the OLD twins!  Hope you come see it---and me.   Add it to your things-to-do list.

Came home yesterday afternoon to find that the lawn guys had been here and taken out my humongous Bird-of-Paradise that has been towering over the house.  This thing has been here since 1994 when we moved in and it was a wee guy not even reaching the top of the wall.  But out it goes because 'it's too old' and 'a threat in case of another hurricane'.  Well, I agree.  I lie in bed at night and listen to the SKRITCHHHH SKRITCHHHH of one of the huge leaves rubbing on a screen, and another thudded thudda as another leaf caresses the roof tiles.  Sounds for all the world like I am being invaded.  So, out with the offensive plant and hello SKY.  Unfortunately it also means hello to the roof next door.  These aren't the nice orange and blue Bird-of-Paradise plants you get in the tropical bouquet from Whole Foods-  these blossoms are 2 feet long, white and rotten looking and covered with sap and dead bugs.  Altogether quite unattractive from anything but a long distance.

Also in the courtyard are two palm trees that were very cute, like miniature palms, when we moved in.  I called them the Chartreuse Palms (twins again, notice?) because of the way the lean into each other.  They were almost to the top of the wall when new.  Now, I have to lie on my back and look up to see the chartreuse and the fronds- the damn things are 40' tall, and all that is visible from the house or the seats out there are two ugly gray pencils that go up forever.  Would love to have them pulled out and replaced by something lower and enjoyable and design-y.  Ask the moth:

He says, uh-huh!

Third landscape conundrum:  When we had the cement replaced with pavers we also had the low plants replaced and replenished.  Well we have some sort of ficus fly that has eaten the entire hedge that lines everything so all I have left are sticks in the ground.  Lets face it, the place needs work.

And I don't want to bother.

Last night we were on our way to dinner after watching 'Whale Rider' with our friends.  The male of the couple is 90 years old and sharp as a tack as well as working out with a trainer three times a week-  in other words, he acts more alive than any 70 year old I know!  But he is old and I had his arm as we crossed the parking lot.  We got to the sidewalk to enter the restaurant, and stepped up on the curb and the next thing I saw were bricks as I slid along on my face.  Yup, I fell flat on my face.  Today I look like hell, all scraped up and soon to be black and blue.  Bled all over the sidewalk and had to stop the people waiting for a table from calling an ambulance.  Someone provided a wet towel and a bag of ice and a chair so I sat there bleeding and shaking it off for 20 minutes or so.  I looked like the victim of a gang fight, blood all down my shirt, up to my elbows.  They wanted to take me home BUT dammit, I
was hungry and sushi was so close...  So into the bathroom I went with my friend who helped me wash up my blouse, clean up the blood, and bandage the chin.  My 90 year old friend was fine and TY had ordered a drink called 'Tranquility' for me by the time I returned in my drippy blouse.  Chin bled through dinner so I sat there with a napkin to my face chatting away, but couldn't wait to get home to a bottle of aspirin.  Today I'm fine except for a busted ego.  I do not like being old and in the way.

"In life, beauty perishes, but not in art.  Leonardo DaVinci

Shit.  Gonna go shopping for a little soothing retail therapy.  Stay off the roads.  And to add insult to injury, Here is The Horror today:

Data may not be available.

Oh geesh.  I will NOT be going anywhere.  Will probably fall off the stepstool reaching of the baking powder...

PS  I promise that I'll get to my 'cutting-edge' essay tomorrow for my SAQA list commitment.

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Terry Grant said...

Oh man. I have fallen twice in the last year, which I attribute to the stupid shoes I was wearing (Crocs) and not to old age. Surely you can blame your shoes or something... It sucks. At our age we do not bounce and rattled bones, bruises and bloodied faces really hurt--more I think than when we were younger. Then, the humiliation... Anyhow, I am sorry. Feel better.