Sunday, July 08, 2012

Cast Chartreuse Plat

And the Horror is back, thanksgod:
You may have a plan for the day, but events that are beyond your control put your original goals out of reach. You don't like it if someone assumes he or she knows what's best for you. However, struggling to stick to your initial agenda only adds to your frustration. Instead, follow the good advice you receive. You can always take back the reins later when you're ready to be in charge once again.
Ya know, I have been quite taken in with the whole new subatomic particle that looks 
for all the world like the Higgs boson, a key to understanding why there is diversity and 
life in the universe. Yesterday there was a wonderful passage in the New York Times :  
"The finding affirms a grand view of the universe described by simple and elegant and 
symmetrical laws -- but one in which everything interesting, like ourselves, results from 
flaws or breaks in that symmetry."

Flaws and breaks in the symmmetry--  OMG, isn't that what we are all about?  Isn't that what makes life (and art) interesting?  Of course my squishy mind can't extrapolate this beyond ME, but maybe if I ruminate long enough I'll get it.  But this complex theory of a simple 'law' describes everything Ive been yammering about for years.  My words were always 'Where's the Poison?', meaning of course where is that element in your work that makes it worth looking t?  Where is the deviation from the expected, the symmetry, that gives it individualism?  And of course the answer is that it comes by 'accident', a break in that summitry.  I am so excited.  Now, if I only had a picture of 'it'!  HEY, there are some!

 (image made for the iPad)
The Hadron Collider

So what am I worrying about today?  Lasers aimed at airline pilots.  Think hard.

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