Thursday, July 26, 2012

free freeboot concept

(Good thing I have this one knocked-  come see my bottom drawers-of-failure!)

"To draw is to learn how to see!" Leonardo

How to fix anything

You might feel overwhelmed by the feelings that tug on your heartstrings today. Unfortunately, you let yourself get hooked by the dramas of life too easily. Luckily, your inner strength can save you now. Even if you believe you're exempt from playing by the same rules as everyone else, at least remember that open and honest communication is still the most important thing.
Pictures coming in, finally got these from the rehearsal dinner last April!  Taken at Kelley's Caribbean in the cocktail/library/tranny stripper changing area, don't ask.  There is a series of three-  one of us all so happy and smiling, this one of Nate kissing his bride, and one of him kissing me.  Very cute.

And for some entertainment, here's the squirrel tail costume like the lizard one I showed the other day, much 'warmer' and more cuddly, don't you think?  AND the bonus is you can sit down.
 But this guy certainly can't sit down in this get-up.  Love the lobster-like-tail protector, and also like that fact that even with all the body armor, he doesn't seem to be armed.  Sword control?  Who knows.

Finally, I followed a link and then followed that one and found another one that led me to...this.  I apologize now for even posting it but WTF is she talking about?  Apparently some movie person cheated on her boyfriend and this gal has no relationship to either (just a 'fan') but feels the need to post a video damning the action!  Huh?  Where is her real life?  So while over there on YouTube I find there are a bunch of other posts by the same woman but I haven't watched them because half of this one was ENUF for this non-fan.  I am suggesting she get back to school and make some real-life friends to meddle with.

OK, so her drivel is no less important than MY drivel, but I do hope I am able to disassociate from my little fantasy life when necessary.  Geesh.

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