Friday, July 27, 2012

giro topotype swiftness

 This is simple-  the stupid ones think they know everything and the intelligent ones know they don't know anything. You can quote me

My whole day so far has been taken up with waiting for the plumber to arrive to fix the running toilet, and wondering what to DO about my cockroach I trapped in my sink under a Tupperware dish.  And here he is, waving his antennae at me in anger and threat.  I trapped him a few days ago, my vacuum won't reach into the sink, and if I move the bowl he will bolt.  Well this afternoon I glanced in again and he was on his side so I slid cardboard under the bowl and flub the whole mess into the dumpster out the door.  Problem solved.
The second problem was solved by a very handsome (and very young!) plumber who arrived on schedule with pants that fit so he broke the stereotype.  He was polite, worked quickly, and was out of here in short order after having replaced a bunch of dubious parts in the toilet.  So, I am in business again.  So I started painting a berry france that fell out of one of the palms, and the gesso was flying all over and next I had to remove my shirt to use the paint cleaner to get it out.  So I am now wearing it while it dries out.  I shouldn't try anything too involved for the rest of the day, eh?

Yesterday I got great news that both my kids and their families will come down here for Thanksgiving- first time we have all been together in years, meaning 'just us' together.  And it's also been a long time since I've cooked for people that eat for Thanksgiving because we have just had TY's elderly aunt and uncle until recently-  and they don't eat much at all.  So, my head is spinning on carseat rentals, what to feed 8 people for 8 days, what to do with two preschoolers other than hang at the pool, and how to keep everybody entertained.  First thing TY did was to call up and book a house for everybody to stay in so everybody has a bed-  luckily the available house is just around the corner so it couldn't be more convenient.  For the first time in a long time I am looking forward to this.

In the Squirrel Department I have this lovely 'quilt' made from squirrel pelts sent to me after one of my squirrel-heavy posts.  Yup, this one takes the cake.  If you enlarge the photo you can see the handwork holding them all together.  And the appropriate response is 'ick', so go ahead and say it.

Not much time before I have to get out of here so I hd better put in some quality SEWING time for a change.  Tomorrow I must start filling in a few entries, the cockroach and toilet problems have taken their toll on my time.   Geesh, if it ain't one thing, I'm a mother...

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