Tuesday, August 21, 2012

cheney firecracker betwixt

If only.

Hanging out this morning with the fur faced friends, but all they are doing is sleeping it off after their stay at the 'spa'.  Damn, when we got the second dog I guess I hadn't considered that boarding fees would double-  the bill yesterday was staggering, but only the best for this little guy-  I heard that they got him to go in the bone shaped pool to cool off, a milestone!  The original dog is fine being hot-  would rather jump in front of moving Mack trucks than get her feet wet.  The report card said they 'made friends' which I find wholly doubtful since they don't particularly like dogs, prefer people.  And air conditioning.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012Things are returning to normal after yesterday's wild emotional ride. Today's lovely Libra Moon asks us to reflect on the beauty around us. Even if we have to deal with a difficult set of circumstances, the Libra Moon suggests that we may be able to find a way to balance the negative with the positive. Although the Moon's opposition to serious Saturn in the evening issues a temporary reality check, we are still enamored with our hopes and dreams. Your even-handed approach to life now can be your greatest strength. Being fair and objective takes some mental effort, but is well worth it. The alternative is to rely on your charm, but this strategy will likely leave you short of your goal. Use your common sense to sift through a variety of possibilities and then do your best to find common ground that's acceptable to all. 

Headed for the studio for the afternoon, it's so hard not having a project in process, I need to get something on the tables, only problem is what to do next!  Tentatively I have another Twins piece to make, this one will be small again, and probably collage mounted on canvas.  Ummm. guess my subconcious mind has it under control, I don't have any idea where THAT came from!  Anyway, I want to do another Twins next, we will see where it goes.

Anna Piaggi, 'an avalanche of ideas', died at 81.

  I can never accomplish what I want--only what I would have wanted had I thought of it beforehand.    Richard Diebenkorn 

And a final adolescent squirrel picture stolen off Deb's fb page:
A whole family!  Aren't they cute?  I bet that he feels every little claw through that teeshirt.

And oh, the wishes keep pouring in...  who knew my birthday was a shopping opportunity!

 consider celebrating your birthday and sharing your good health by giving blood, the gift of life.  
(Oy.  Come let us stick needles in you to help you celebrate!  Little do they know...)

This is the best one yet:

Hey Sandeedee, 

Check out your matches and find out who wants to meet you for your birthday. Plus, have some cake!
Birthday cake
A dating service!  
(No, I did not sign on for this!)

Happy Birthday!
Celebrate your birthday with us this month at Sam Jon's Salon Aveda!
Complimentary Aveda Hair Treatment!
(Yeah, probably they won't charge me for using shampoo)

Beauty Insider Exclusive | HAPPY BIRTHDAYShop Now
(Interesting that I have to drive 10 miles to the maul to pick up my free chapstick)

Happy Birthday

Your friends at Etheredge & Schry Dentistry wish you a very happy birthday. We hope that you have a wonderful day and look forward to seeing you again soon.
(A deal on birthday root canals?)

HOLD THE PRESSES, I just heard from my OLD dentist back in MA, and he sent a text.  But he didn't offer anything, no incentive to go back there to get a new toothbrush. (And this is the guy who was able to go through three marriages while I paid and paid and paid for shiny teeth! ) Happy Birthday to me, I'll save the plane fare and visit Walgreens here.

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Mary Beth said...

Happy Birthday!

And for your birthday, you gave ME this wonderful mysterious video of Anna Piaggi, with subtitles. I'm going along rather enjoying the absurd scenes when suddenly:



WHAT????? My most favorite and longing-to-make thing IN.THE.WORLD.

So happy birthday to you my never-squirrelly friend and thanks for the wonderful present!