Friday, August 03, 2012

citizen fellow head

Well, not really.  It's back to the drawing board for the Twins, will post a picture when at least I am a little happier with the them.  Meanwhile the blocking helped to make it a bit more square so that makes me hopeful. And I need to fill the wide borders with
We'll see tomorrow.
I need to work to feel well.   Edouard Manet
Edward Hoppers houses as they appear now

Paintings by M. Muldrow who paints the aisles of big box stores like Target and Costco as this generations landscapes.  Check the link-  lots of gorgeous work there from humble subject matter.

Remember the surfing goat yesterday? Well I found another goat called Buttermilk who I bet would be a terrible surfer. You be the judge:

Finally, since we are talking about goats of a kind, here are some beauty tips from not so long ago, found HERE
and one more:
Hmmm, young and pretty...  massage?   hmmmm!

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