Friday, August 03, 2012

upon our acquai 

It's the last part that gets me-  keeping up that 'minimum'!

Money can't buy you happiness .... But it does bring you a morepleasant form of misery.Spike Milligan

Kurt Perschke's Red Ball Project:

I know, you're thinking ON NO HERE IS JUST ANOTHER LIST OF VIDEOOOOOOS...AGAIN...!  And OK, I'll fess up.  I got the Twins quilt on the wall and blocked it yesterday.  I was so happy to get all that handwork done and it off my mind, that I tied to ignore the fact that it's 'meh'...  I sent off an image to a trusted pal who shall remain nameless and her response was exactly what it should be.  meh.  But she gave me some good feedback so today, as soon as the rain breaks enough for me to run to the car, I'm gonna go back to the studio and remove the 2000 blocking pins and see what I can do to give it something that people will glance a second time.  I know she's right because it really confirmed my own lack of enthusiasm.  I have a whole bin full of cut up quilt tops to wade through, bet I can find SOMETHING that will perk her up.  At least I shouldn't have to re-block it.
So disappointing.

Animal Cruelty
Yes, they are teaching a goat to surf.  Goats have two pointy hard toes, the proverbial cloven hoof, and though they do have good balance, she has got to be slipping and sliding around on the board.  Why are they surfing with a goat?  Apparently it's just a photo op where they didn't take the subject's feelings under advisement.  Do not teach your goat to surf, they don't like it one bit.

Scary, huh?  It's a pixel-mask for those of you who don't want to be recognized out and about your normal business.  If you're fighting off paparazzi this might be jus the ticket.  In actuality it's a photo of the German chancellor pixelated to be unrecognizable.  Of course no one would run like hell on the street when they see you in this, and it would be great for clearing out a bank when the lines are long and you need a teller N*O*W.  And it runs about $400 -  get one for everyone in the family.

Still raining, I want to get out of here.

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