Thursday, August 23, 2012

eleven dual advisable

Creativity can be described as letting go of certainties.Gail Sheehy

Today's Horror:  You could inadvertently instigate an argument by overreacting to a situation on the home front today. It sounds like a good idea to sidestep confrontation, but there is a price to pay for keeping silent. You may feel as if you're walking through an emotional minefield now, but being truthful is still your best option. Set your fears aside; no one needs to get hurt if you are considerate of other people's boundaries. Expressing your feelings is the first step toward clearing the air. Listen to the response you receive with an open heart.
(Got this a bit too late today, already got in a fist-fight on the internet so I am Stepping Away From the Computer. Like a good girl.)  

Finally the photos are in from the wedding in April-  this is one of my favorites, taken from the balcony around the Ernest Hemingway House in Key West.  I love it because it shows everybody who made the trip and how happy the day was to be there together supporting the beginning of a new family.
Find Waldo 

Art Restoration, DIY model.  A church in Borja Spain had some help 'restoring some frescoes by an elderly parishoner.  Get the full story HERE.  Maybe the old lady isn' a creationist and wanted to show some monkey ancestors?

Here we have microscopic images of different brews printed on metallic papers and amazingly beautiful.  See the whole array and buy 'em HERE.
 Australian Pale Lager
American Pale Ale

  Visually Stunning.


Liza said...

My fav pix were of Hazel and her ma.

Liza said...

Baraka! Kaffe's favorite movie. For his 70th birthday, he rented a theatre and invited all his friends to come see it.
Imagine this on a big screen!