Friday, August 24, 2012

startup pion adsorb

(He's talking about life experiences, my friends, not his nose!)

"The eye is the window of the soul"  Leonardo

 New and Noteworthy (well, to me anyway!)  There's a site on Tumblr for Dog Shaming.  And aren't we all into something like that?  Go find out what the rest of the canine world is up to, and I'll go invest in sticky notes for all the things mine need reminders on!

Paper Bag Trees by Yuken Teruya trees paper
As part of a new group exhibition at David B. Smith Gallery in Denver, artist Yuken Teruya created these two wonderfully intricate trees cut from the humble paper of a McDonald’s carryout bag. Teruya has frequently demonstrated that even the most mundane paper materials can be used to create extraordinary art including his work with toilet paper rollsnewspapers, and currency.

Michael Shindler's Photobooth, the world's only Tintype and Polaroid portrait studio, in San Francisco, is celebrating it's first anniversary TODAY.  Hurry on over for the party and to see the amazing portraits he does!

The Mending Project was a 2011 installation and performance art piece by Austin-based artist Beili Liu. The work involved an ongoing process wherein visitors were invited to cut pieces of fabric from a giant cloth upon entering the space, the fragments of which Liu then stitched back together creating a giant patchwork that gradually encircled the artist. The concept seems harmless enough if it weren’t for the ominous array of downward-facing scissors suspended above her workspace.
The installation consists of hundreds of Chinese scissors suspended from the ceiling, pointing downwards. The hovering, massive cloud of scissors alludes to distant fear, looming violence and worrisome uncertainty. The performer sits beneath the countless sharp blades of the scissors, and performs an on-going simple task of mending. [...] As each visitor enters the space, one is asked to cut off a piece of the white cloth hung near the entrance, and offer the cut section to the performer. She then continuously sews the cut pieces onto the previous ones. The mended fabric grows in size throughout the duration of the performance, and takes over the vast area of the floor beneath the scissors.
First, The Mending Project:

And another installation prior to this.  Fascinating!

OK, so it's French and you don't understand it-  hang in there and maybe you'll get the gist visually.

Squirrel of the Day:
Available on easy, but unfortunately I lost the URL.  Search for Green Guy in Squirrel Suit.  The guy comes WITH the shirt.

In Other News, I had to get my hair cut this morning and bought Pepper a 'forever bowl' for his kibble. Molly has a set of MacKenzie Childs checkered bowls, one big for water, one smaller for kibble.  They have been sharing the water bowl nicely but I have felt guilty about his 'lesser'stainless bowl that has no cache.  So today I got him his own Mackenzie Childs bowl so he knows he's staying.
Pepper's Forever Bowl

Maybe now he will stop with the nightmares.

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