Thursday, August 16, 2012

family schmamily

Yup, that's me in front of Teddy Pruett's Eggplant Quilt the other day at the Quilt Museum.  Mugging for the camera.  This quilt is the eggplant tour de force, you will never see it's equal in eggplant quilts, I guarantee.  Of course you should go to her website for a much better UNSULLIED image.

I don't usually deluge this poor blog with family stuff but I am here WITH them this week and there isn't much else to talk about!  First, I went over to Nate and Jackie's the other day and spent the day up to my elbows in glue helping them cover an old yukky dresser with comic book pages. I gotta say, I signed on to help cover it with foreign newspapers but they couldn't find any they liked at the last minute so decided that old action comics were the way to go.  I kept my mouth shut and cut and snipped and glued and smoothed away with my crack decoupage skills.  And the result is something pretty spectacular for their new apartment they will be moving to next month.  As it dried, it aged quite a bit and turned a lovely amber brown which unified all the bright colors.  It was the right choice, glad they couldn't find good newspapers!  Mr. Nate put all his art director skills into this one, way too much deep thinking IMHO, but he did it right and it paid off.  Jackie proved to be a tireless gluey trooper and outlasted me by hours.  Trouble is *I* now want a comic-book covered dresser.  Stop me now!

After we peeled off the glue and washed up we went out for a great dinner at my favorite 
little gas station/conversion restaurant.  I'm feeling way guilty that I am not around to help them pack and get into the new place.

So yesterday we needed to see the little kiddos and wanted to do something *fun* with them so suggested the Children's Museum.  Probably because I haven't been there since I took my own kids and I remember what a helluva time they had back then.

This is what arrived-  LIGHTENING MAN, in full regalia!  He stormed the courtyard, and found a white walkway to lie down in and spread out to take a nap.  never mind people are surging all around him, over him, and nearly tripping.  He could not be budged.

 We did finally coax him into the museum thanks to his sister who was in a big hurry to get in.  And he sure seemed to like it after he got moving, though the display where you stick golf balls into a hole and watch them zing around a wire track had him captivated-  not the zinging part, only the collecting balls and stuffing them into the hole.  His mother said she could go get her oil changed and come back and he'd be still standing there stuffing golf balls in the hole.

We pried him away screaming but he quickly got involved in other stuff:
 And Hazel found a climbing wall so we had to do some prying there too.
 The hit of the day thought, for both of them, was a mini-tv studio with a green screen where they could dance and jump and see themselves in a video.  Here they are too busy watching themeselves to do much.  Fortunately some little kid came along and threw themselves FLOP at the back wall so that's what they did for awhile.  These kids don't watch alot of television so seeing themselves was a big hit.

And so, today, though last night I swore I wouldn't go to another museum for months, I am headed for the Gardner where they just completed a major overhaul and renovation I can't wait to see.  Just a few more organized activities and I can jump on my flight to home!  This has been a jam packed week and I'm tired and cranky, thanks for hanging in there for the duration.   

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