Sunday, August 12, 2012

Lowell in the rear view mirror

Just a quickie note about how the trip to Lowell went!  First stop was my own opening at the Ayers Loft Gallery and I immediately ran into Pamela Allen.  Knew it was her right away and away we went chatting like we had a long shared history.  This kind of experience is what I have loved most about being involved in the quilting community all there years.

Sylvia and I headed for the Brush show next and saw Nancy Crasco who was with Patti Chase, a local friend I haven't seen in years so that was fun.  Some of the work there was excellent, all based on a music theme (which is actually the reason I didn't enter!), but some of the work just made me stifle a big yawn.  The thing that most impressed me- other than a quite fabulous food table- were the artists studios through the gallery.  Before they were sloppy and uninteresting to visit, but yesterday the we're all spiffed up and nicely merchandised and full of people shopping away.  They had been painted and had new lighting and signage and looked much more professional and inviting.  Oh yeah, the kimono lady had been moved from the center of the gallery space to a back studio a very needed maneuver.

We hiked over to the Whistler for that opening at 3, by now it was raining and thundering heavily.  Again, there was some good work and some yawners.  The galleries all seemed to be down in applicants this time around, the quality of all the shows we saw was somewhat lower it seemed.  We were headed out the door to catch a ride in the shuttle, but we're to,dit was award time and stayed because Pamela got the 'Whistler Award' and Nancy got the 'Juror's Award'.  It was really fun to celebrate along with them!

Got on the last shuttle of the day and ran into the quilt museum as they were locking up.  Fortunately being with Sylvia has some perks because she volunteers there so the let us in.  I raced upstairs looking for Teddy Pruetts Eggplant quilt and found it hanging happily between Terese Mays and Jane Burch Corcoran's- so I knew she would highly approve.  Took a few quick photos to prove it to her,and away we went.  The museum show was as interesting as it could be considering they didn't include me too.  sigh.  But it was fun to revisit some of the oldies but goodies included.  Carol Grotrian, also from my crit group, had two of her lovely indigo shibori scenes included.  Loved seeing them again.

Later on we met up with my old friend Diane Write and her friend Yvette from CT.  Diane was in my first little Crit group in Jupiter 20 years ago and we have stayed in touch and crossed paths ever since.  We were joined by Pamela and Sandy Gregg at La Boniche for an early dinner.  What a fun time, and to think we didn't go near the huge Images show!  Just plain not enough time, or energy!

Typing this on the iPad, my fingers are numb.  Sorry for no pictures, I can't figure out how to do that quickly.  Am on my was to Brookline to help my son and DIL with a 'family art project' fixing up an old dresser for their new apartment.  I get to wear my painty clothes!!!  Yeaaaaa.


Anonymous said...

Ah Sandy, this is what I missed most about not coming to Lowell....seeing my friends Diane, Sandy and You! But I got a huge amount accomplished in the two days I would have spent in Lowell so it was worth it....have to give myself room to breathe! Debbie Bein

Linda Dunn said...

Sorry you missed the ALL show but you sure got in a full day of friends and fabric. Didn't know you and Diane went way back. Small world. Still prize the time I spent in class with you at QC, years ago.