Friday, August 10, 2012

meringue triatomic fingerprint

found on fb, but no pointless stories today

Headed for MA, and points therein in a few hours.  Sporadic blogging ahead with only the iPad to work on, but I do want to tell you about Lowell.  Be back in a few days, back to FL, back to normal, back to my small life that I am so enjoying!

Hope the tv works this time, but I got a $15 credit when it was broken last time.  Nothing like 3 straight hours of flipping my own channels to make the time fly by.

Also from fb, where I am a member of the Syracuse Visual and Performing Arts alums-  The castle on the right was where the arts classes were held, Crouse was the name, and inside below the massive stairway (after climbing all those stairs you see there still-  I believe there were 117 back then) was Winged Victory.  The castle stood alone on top of that hill, nothing but empty space around it.  The figure drawing classes were up under the eves, not insulated, and we froze out butts off up there-  not to mention the models and their butts!  I haven't visited in years-  last time I discovered my little independent dorm was now a Hilton parking lot-  how I loved that dorm-  it was a 1920's apartment building and each unit was turned into 3 bedrooms, two double rooms and a single which was the porch on the front of the building.  That room was a bout the size of a VW bus with big windows all around that constantly rattled in the wind.  I had the requisite India print bedspreads hung at the windows that blew like there was no glass behind them-  solved the problem by only painting canvases the exact size of the windows so I could jam them into the mouldings for the winters.  I loved that room, but spent the winters wearing mittens to bed, like camping every night!
______________________memory lane, dead end_______________________

And since I promised and it's finally finished and photographed and ready to roll up, here are the Leadville Twins:

When using photographs, I work from a black and white photograph so that I'm not too influenced by the colours. This gives me quite a lot of freedom with the colours in the painting.  (Richard Robinson)
Goes for quilting too.  

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