Saturday, August 25, 2012

sturgeon wring airmen

I'm not gonna take it anymore...
(There, get that one out of your head!)

First to go are Other People's Expectations.
Next, Things I Don't Wanna Do because they waste my time.
Seriously. Third, I am in the mood to dump more stuff out of my cluttered life, going to do my closet one more time because my tee shirts are jammed in so tight I can't even see them.  And I save jackets for decades, have a few that I moved here with in 1992.  "Maybe someday I will wear it again..."  Well I am not listening to that voice any more, they are out of here.  And the pants!  OMG, I must have the worlds largest collection of black and khaki pants!  This summer I've been buying up colored jeans whenever I find them and I love seeing them hanging there all pretty.  Gonna dump the black, or at least most of it.  Finally!  Something I can control-  those black pants in my closet.  Mastery of it!

THEN, I am going to go repeat the process at the studio where I had space to move around, space for big projects, and lots of storage just two short years ago.  The place now looks like the basement of an art supplies hoarder where someone just threw the boxes down the stairs as they arrived from Dick Blick.  The only thing I can say is that I have no silk wreathes squashed in the mess, no stuffed bunnies.

It started raining here yesterday at noonish, don't know if it's a visit from Issac or some other storm, but the thunder and lightening ALL NIGHT were scary.  It wasn't raining at 7:30 when I took the dogs out for a scramble, but we got to the end of the street and the skies opened up.  I am feeling mildewed.  Got home and changed my clothes to something dry.  (black pants!)  Anyway it's a perfect day to make some closet room, especially if the rains escalate and I need to move in there with a blankie and a gallon jug of water.  And probably some handwork to keep me occupied while the WiFi is out.

Yesterday TY sent me this picture of an available car-  my heart is singing the Hallelujah Chorus as I look at it.  1949 Willys Jeep.  Be still my palpatations:
Cons:  no local mechanic, custom tires, no AC, two-door, windows will have to stay down for dogs and they tend to jump out when I do that.  No AC.  Radio is 1949 issue.  No GPS.  No cupholders, roll down windows, little trunk storage, only accessible by flipping down back seat. Oh yeah, no garage.

Seems about equal, doesn't it? What to do, what to do...

Meanwhile, I found a guy who was arrested for DUI while driving this motorized picnic table.  Apparently several of them took off on it's maiden voyage while enjoying a few pops, and the table ended up parked on the sidewalk.  But, people-  check the craftsmanship on this thing!  He did a great job.  I wonder if I bailed him out if he would start a new life in south Florida...near me and my Tweetie Bird up above...

Any ground subtracts its own hue from the colors which it carries and therefore influences.     (Josef Albers
Party Food Platter

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