Wednesday, August 29, 2012

werther marc emery

One can hope!  After all the entries I've been sending in, I hope there are a few trips to FedEx in my future!  Got another one off yesterday, and that's the last one in the fall series, so now it's just playong the waiting game.  And no, there was no entry headed for anything called the Dairy Barn!  Maybe some other year, but I've been saying that since 1993.

I work day and night without sleep, Jules Olitski, The paintings keep me fired up.

Carlos Amorales (born 1970) is a Mexican artist who works and lives in Mexico City.  He did an installation with tens of thousands of paper moths in empty public spaces.  What I want to know is who cut out the moths...

'Is it real or is it memorex?'

Cool drawing exercise!  Can YOU do this?  I'm going to try.

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Mary Beth Frezon said...

you've been very productive!

But don't you have fedex pick up? too random?