Thursday, August 30, 2012

grebe siberia otherworldly

Ad-libbing is the product of many hours of work. (Richard Robinson)
Wanna see me when I'm two?  I was raised a cowgirl from the start, but unfortunately these were the best horses that my transplanted Colorado parents could provide in a Buffalo apartment.  I just found this picture, haven't seen those horses in probably 65 years and I can remember still how they felt...
Oh my-  I just realized that my hands are still the same, short and pudgy!  So it the scowl the same.  It's heartening to know some things remain the same, eh?

Day 2 of glorious sunshine after Issac moved through.  Cant wait to get outside and enjoy getting my bones dried out!  The other day I made a huge mistake and made a new batch of fresh ricotta. I used a new recipe from the one I used before, and this one practically turned into cream cheese-  OMG, it is so good!  I have just enough left for a smear tomorrow too, IF I can stay out of it the rest of the day. Fortunately  I only made a half recipe with 2 quarts (!) of milk and 2 c. of cream.  Umm, no wonder its so good.  No carbs, at least not enough to count.

This morning I got started on a IFC movie and as soon as it's over, I'm out of here and to the studio.  I have some binding to finish up, and I want to rearrange the endless wall-o'-homosote so more current stuff is up.  I figure of I get it all spiffy and fluffed up in nice order that the acceptances will start rolling in, ain't that the way it works?

Skinny Dogs
 (Molly doesn't like the advance flash so pulls her head up and closes her eyes.)  Lookit those skinny legs!
Sleeps through any flashing, wouldn't show his legs because he is mortified.
Picked up the poor dogs from the groomer yesterday and they are so tiny after all their hair was removed!  And embarrassed.  But finally cooler and unmatted and ready to run like lightening.  The groomer told me that they are now bonded and WANT to be together!  Major strides here.  Wish I could appear so much thinner by simple hair removal-  I'd be walking around bald if it worked.

OK, I am sick of doing the binding.  I have looked at rearranging the quilts on the Wall-O-Homosote and will have to bring the 12' ladder here to manage that.  All I have is a step stool and it barely enables me to reach the top of the hanging wall.  I really need to put the encaustic stuff up above my 'tree-line'.  If I can find my bungee cords I'll do it tomorrow.  Sigh.  So, nobody wants to jump in and offer to finish the binding?  Nobody?  I'll remember that.


Deb said...

please send to that ricotta recipe..I live on it with fresh fruit.

mary beth said...

I got a "reminder" to send in that SAQA seasons quilt, that it will be kept carefully in their climate controlled whatever.

Guess it's time to get it out of my space and into someone elses. Will it miss my controlled-by-climate space? LOL I kid. Not really.