Thursday, September 27, 2012

acerbity an bunny

I am very much afraid of definitions, and yet one is almost forced to make them. One must take care, too, not to be inhibited by them. Robert Delaunay 

HUH?  Walked the dogs yesterday afternoon and found this lying on the sidewalk.  Thought it was a squirt gun because it was heavy, aimed at the grass and got quite a kickback!  It says on it in big letters, THIS IS NOT A TOY.  We just don't find guns around here in our little protected environment.  But I carried it home in my best Clint Eastwood fashion with the dogs dragging me along.  I had also found a newly fallen coconut too but had to let it go.  I was lucky, no cars went by us the whole way home or I could be in big trouble.  This morning I turned the gun in to our crack security office.

Tomorrow I'll post the two books we worked on yesterday. One is already on it's way to a friend who is starting chemo soon, the other doesn't have a pretty cover so I'll keep that as a sample and make a 'good' one at some point.  I'l pretty much loving making books, E*CX*C*E*P*T that I need to be very exact in measuring and cutting, not exactly a trait I would give myself.  One of the honest  reasons I like fabric so much is you can stretch it.  Can't do that with book covers!  Maybe I'll learn?  We hit the halfway mark in the series but I found out that a more advanced class will be coming up in the late fall or early winter so I have to make sure and catch it.

So I was meeting Laurie in the studio this morning for our last lunch-  she's moving out of town and I am so bummed, but anyway, today she is here and we must celebrate.  She came in the door and was laughing hysterically so I looked up from my glue and this is what I saw:

 What's so funny you ask?

She looks kinda cute, but how about THIS?

Double your trouble, double your fun...

 We were dressed exactly alike, a fitting end to a friendship that was full of ridiculous coincidences from the start.  WHO KNEW we both had blue teeshirts with polka dot backs?  Do YOU have a tee shirt like this? I doubt it.  We sat chatting for awhile and she showed me some of her planned projects that I heartily endorse and contributed a bit of thought and a hunk or two of fabric to pay back all the input I got from her.  It's been great to have a second set of eyes, (not to mention another closet!) like holding work up in a mirror so you see it anew because it's backwards.  For me, it's now back to the mirror unless I hear from somebody here online.  Please!  Any time!  I am always open to new eyes.

While I was fiddling around trying to put on the new micro lens that just arrived for my iPhone, a photo just 'happened'.  I had upgraded the other day and didn't realize I now have PANORAMA!  As well as fly-eye and micro (or is it macro?) lens.  Whateveh, no matter how big OR how small, you can't escape me now.  Maybe some spider portraits?

My first panoramaramalamadingdong- neither Laurie or I knew I was taking it, didn't know I HAD it...
I had upgraded my OS the other day and all sorts of things popped up that I never saw before.  Wish Siri would pop up too with an explanation, or at the very least a place I can find the information.  (This after I spent two friggin' days trying to get the case off the iPhone so I could add the little lens- you can see I need help.  My niece, Izzy, would NOT be proud of me!

No No NO, THIS is me in the studio:

You might have noticed a while back that I freed up he comments so you no longer have to copy odd combos to get through.  Well, I am getting pretty sick of deleting all the comments that are reaching my email-  just now I got this one:

**My sis instructed me about your web site and the way great it is. She's right, I am actually impressed with the writing and slick design. It appears to me you're simply scratching the floor in terms of what you may accomplish, however you're off to an ideal begin! **

If comments suddenly disappears, and you aren't up for matching wonky letters and wobbly numbers, please simply write to me at the email address up there in the top left column.  Of course I would love to hear from you WAY GREAT if you're not too busy scratching the floor.  


Mary Beth Frezon said...

safari/bookmarks (looks like an open book)/iphone user guide/siri

Yep, it's true - the manual comes with it. Still learning about iOS6 myself but trust me, Siri will be your friend too. I ask her to start playlists in the car or to check my calendar while I'm driving and especially to set reminders for me:

"Siri, please set a reminder to pick up cat litter tomorrow when I leave work."

The cats don't believe me when I blame her but oh well.

Sandy said...

Nothing like having my own private Mac genius to tell me these things! She's right- there it was all written out for me. Thanks MB- have a great time in your seminar. Off to take a bunch of panoramas!