Friday, September 28, 2012

omega hadn't observant

Makes sense to me.  But then...

We can't help but simplify things because we can't hope to paint every leaf, but we must try to overcome the tendency to over-state. (Richard Robinson)

Today I have a desktop dump of all the stuff I have been meaning to post but ran out of time or room or theme (bet you didn't know there was EVER a theme!)  I still have more stockpiled but this is plenty for one day. 
I just found a kit assembled to make this little drawing toy.  It's a crayon, a washer, a clothespin, a wooden spool, a rubber band, some electrical tape, and a tiny dowel.  You thread the rubber band through the spool and catch it by inserting the toothpick sized dowel in the bottom.  The tape covers the edges and kjeeps it in place.  The top has the rubber band going through the washer so it can spin, and onto the clothespin which holds the writing tool-  in this case a colored pencil but anything will work.  Then the clothespin is wound up and the whole assembly is set down on a piece of paper and allowed to draw until it stops.  For this they wanted 12 pounds.  Granted, you get a little box too but it sure seems to me that you could entertain a kid with stuff from around the house for (yeaaa) free!  It certainly IS a cool toy but I can't imagine anyone would get 12 pounds of fun out of it.  $1.15, perhaps. I may get a prototype going before he grandkids arrive-  I'll start a pool on how long they stay interested.  I get the 'under one minute' piece!  

 Found some new tattoos for your perusal.  Since I clip these of the internets, who knows where,  I suppose that you are welcome to adapt the 'designs' to your own body and have your own tattoo artist reinterpret them.  First, some interesting surrealist poetry, still red and angry from the needle~

Next a crine inducing permanent wound that exempts you from ever wearing shorts again in mixed company.  Or any company I suppose.  The arrow-drawer was not using his straight edge in this, but perhaps your personal artist has a Nancy Crow see-through ruler at hand, not the bendy kind.

And this is 'just because' I have never seen a baby platypus before,
or have I ever seen such wee fedoras.  I had to make this as big as possible.

The WTF Dancing Shiny Blue Guys:  How do they put those glasses on without me seeing it?

There, the challenge today is to get them out of your frontal lobe.  I know I won't be able to.

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