Friday, September 07, 2012

cloak albert shimmy

Sometimes when you're drunk you can see better. 

Last night on Juno Beach, another storm blasts through!  Had another one today, huge black clouds gather for a couple of hours and then WHAMMO, a major storm blows through, says excuse me, shakes and goes away.  In 20 minutes the roads are dry and the sun is shining.  This is a weird place but I am loving it more all the time.  Maybe it's the helpless manatees that get me, maybe the nesting turtles.
Who knows.  

The other day I was in a consignment shop, a Very High End one with major designers because (surprise) I love touching fabulous fabrics!  This shop is out of my normal circle of check-ins so I hadn't been there in awhile. I tried on a couple of things but the size limit seems to be about an 8 so my choices were limited. She did promise me that she would look for some 10s in her next buying round., not that that will be a whole lot better.  BUT, I digress again.  I found a fabulous Eskander black blouse-  you know the brand-  they make a blouse out of about 6 yards of fabric-  this one is no exception but it's a very heavy gorgeous drapey twill and will be a great jacket here in the winter.  I also got a stretch knit teeshirt that is fine on a good posture day (!)  And there was a jacket there that I remember trying on months ago of the most beautiful linen print.  I tried it on and my immediate reaction was it was from 1982:  huge shoulder pads, tapered down from there to narrow hips, and way too long to be stylish, but OMG, the fabric was to die for.  So, with a sigh, I bought it for way too much just for the fabric.  I got it home and was looking to remove the shoulder pads and discovered it'a a man's jacket-  no wonder it's such an odd shape!  So, the task at hand is a complete deconstruction.  I have a great unlined jacket that I love the fit, so that will be my pattern and I certainly have plenty of fabric to re-cut plus make a toaster cozy or two (I'm kidding!)  Just what I need, another project.

Polar Bear Waving Goodbye to Sandy Forever

And yup, without further ado, the Squirrel of the Day:

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