Saturday, September 08, 2012

reliant glee mickey

You can never have a greater or a less dominion than that over yourself. Leonardo

Stand back, I have a story to tell!  I was new to graduate school and in a studio class that had met a few times and we were discussing our projects in an informal critique.  This was more to teach us how to do this rather than actually dealing with the work.  I don't have a single memory what my project was, because another woman's statement about her work was what grabbed me by the neck and threw me over.  And pretty much changed my way of thinking and proceeding with life-as-I-knew-it.  She had a crocheted afghan she had made for her son (she was a  few years ahead of me on the life continuum) in great  colors with good workmanship.  Then, on all the ends, she had added wee crocheted animals and people- it seemed like a whole population of them.  They were absolutely charming and we all asked about them.  Her explanation was that the afghan was 'enough' to keep her son warm, but it wasn't enough for her.  She was 'an artist' and had a deep need to make everything as beautiful as she possibly could for those she loved but more especially for herself. She went on to explain how she would make a 'beautiful' breakfast as an example.  A bowl of corn flakes does not have to BE a bowl of corn flakes. She colored the milk, or arranged the flakes in a long row across the kitchen table, or put peanut butter on each one, or served cereal in an antique teacup, or, or, or!  It was that lightening bolt that changed my direction forever more.  I don't remember her name, I doubt that she affected anybody else in the same manner, but I will never forget her because she gave herself permission to BE an artist in everything she did.

So now, another artist!

Artist Lorenzo Durán lives and works in Guadalajara, Spain where for the last four years he’s focused primarily on cutting intricate illustrations from dried leaves.

An interesting blog called CERULEAN by Eric Adama features mixed media on paper focussing on blues and ochers

Gorgeous sunrise this morning on Jupiter beach, temperatures getting a bit more moderate, and no storm in sight for a while!  Why would anybody want to live anywhere else?

Need to see a Tibetan puppy?  Awwwwww.  I've been searching today for another rescue but TY has brought me up short asking how we can fit yet another one on our bed.  he's right, the house is full right now but this is so hard to resist...

Baby Squirrel of the Day Pix

Guess I'll settle for baby pictures for now, Tibetans included.  Off to the studio to work on the jacket and the next twins.

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Terry Grant said...

My similar moment was seeing an old Amish quilt in a museum a million years ago. I looked at that glowing piece of wonderful and thought, "all she needed was a blanket, but she chose to make it THIS!"