Monday, September 17, 2012

coroutine plane extramarital

Vision is the true creative rhythm. 
Robert Delaunay 

Me, winning the 'Miss Step 2012' beauty contest the other day-  posted so you compare your life to my 'highlight reel' (OK, so it's just imaginary, sigh).  Notice the transparent right shoulder-  somebody flubbed their PS job.  The shoulder kinda mimics the transparent dress, eh?  Glad I didn't wear the granny panties.  Hmmm, and I kinda like the flouncy yellow hair...  If you are on fb, you can see the new tattoo on David Beckham's chest where he chose to honor me just below his left nipple.  OMG, I wasted all of yesterday sticking myself into impossible situations on THIS site.  

1970 magazine cover of all the 'illuminaries' of the previojs decade and what their future held in store. Not many survived the '70's.

In Japan, an art consortium who appear wearing red jumpsuits is filling phone booths in public places with schools of goldfish.  I doubt that the ASPCA or PETA or somebody wouldn't stop this here, but it makes for an interesting public art display and attracts crowds all day watching the fish scoot by the phone.  
 In 1999 Judith and Richard Lang started collecting plastic debris from Kehoe Beach in Northern California: milk jug lids, combs, toy soldiers, disposable lighters, cheese spreaders from lunch snack packs.  Back in the studios they clean, sort and categorize the pieces according to color and kind and use the plastic to make artworks including large sculptures, installations, photo tableaus and jewelry.

Artist Michael Mapes creates intricate photographic portrait pieces in which photos of the subject are cut up and distributed amongst vials, pins, and other medical and scientific containers and equipment. The portrait “specimens” are housed in a wooden box, along with samples taken from the subject, including fingernails, eyelashes, and handwriting samples.
And again, the squirrels will have to wait because today I have tiny baby bunnies!  They don't even have their ears yet!
They will be taught competitive racing as soon as they are old enough to get over the hurdles-  they jump naturally as soon as the starting gun goes off, an intuition honed by breeding!
Geneticists have been working on supplying bunnies with wings so they can jump higher and stay up longer.  Here is one from the first litter of well developed wings-  the previously developed wings weren't strong enough to hold up the adult rabbit, but now they are longer and wider and made for good flight.  Next they will work on adapting their little feet to sit on tree branches.
Of course all the work they did on flying pigs was helpful in getting the wings to lift the weight necessary for flight.  Updrafts help, but both the pigs and rabbits must be able to lift off from a small area and ascent straight up to be effective.

Just as an aside, the 'When Pigs Fly' bakery does mail order.  Their dense low carb bread is the best stuff around if you are leaning that way- only 6 carbs per slice, about a third of a normal piece of bread and tastes fantastic, but everything else they can send is just as uniformly good.  I love that you can order par-baked so when it comes you can stick it in the freezer and bake as needed.  Sounds like I own the company, doesn't it?  Nope, just a long time customer.  If you're in New England their stuff is at Whole Foods and other local shops.  Look for the pink flying pig on the wrapper.

PS-  there was also a VERY FAT, FATTER, and FATTEST button on PhotoFunia.  here I am cranked up to just before bursting open and sending teeth flying everywhere like shrapnel.  I look like Honey Boo Boo's mom in better clothes!

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